This is an excellent recipe that works for any nervous problems, shivering, shaking and weakness in nervous system.

But do all the five elements along with this Earth element aspect.

Use organic brown rice bran (Thavidu) that is rich in all B-complex vitamins (dont use vitamin pills as subsitute. You can get this in organic stores. Get organic herbal powder or twigs of sarsparilla (hindi name is ananthamoola or Anantmula).

Boil the powder of sarsparilla ( one or 2 tablespoon ful) in  500 ml of water till it becomes half (250 ml). then filter and add one or two to five table spoon of palm jaggery (best) or brown-sugar from sugarcane (jageery/Gur/Gud) and boil till it melts. Filter and store the syrup in a bottle. Everyday take half tea cup of boiled hot water and add one or two tablespoon of this syrup and one teaspoon of the the rice bran and add 3 to 5 drops of organic ghee and drink it one time a day before breakfast. This will strengthen the nerves.