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Education News 2018

March 2018

Omega Fish Oils Don’t Improve School Children’s Reading Skills or Memory, Study Finds

Jan  2018


Babies' Babbling Betters Brains, Language

When it comes to intelligence, environment and education matter -- more than we think.January 23, 2018 Rutgers University.

"We educate children the hard way in this country," Matzel said. "We go to impoverished high schools and try to remediate kids, which is a perfectly good thing to do. But it's often too late; the time to reach those kids is when they start school, while their intelligence is most malleable." This is what we do in Uni5 schools. Shanthi Teacher at our meeting said, the villagers wonder what we do we teach to 1 year old to 5 five old children. isnt a waste of time. She says, the public dont know the Indian proverb, what does not bend after five will not bend untill 50. This is the word now the scientist is using "malleable".