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Rituals are for Transformation.

TOPIC: Why lamp lighting needed every day?

Why lamp lighting needed every day? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2097

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Lamp Lighting Part 2:

Agni (fire) is the best vehicle to invoke/invite the God’s Sakthi or Energy. Agni is also an Energy form, the Agni Devan is the male part and Agni Devathai is the female part of this Agni Energy. There is an energy form of the Agni Devathai named Suvaha Devi on which the God’s Sakthi is invoked. That is why we say Suvaha during our poojas.

Let us see how we invoke God’s Sakthi with an example to which we can easily relate to:

Imagine we are inviting the Prime Minister to our home. We would not only want to have our place and his chair to be neat and clean, we might go to the extent of buying a new chair for him. We would also clean it once again in front of him and make him sit in it comfortably. After we have greeted him, we would slowly tell him our needs, say we need a medical seat for our son. And when he is about to leave, we would give him sendoff very politely and be with him till he leaves, so that he doesn’t feel that we din’t respect or ignore him when he leaves. Also if he feels we deserve the medical seat, then we would send a stamped letter with his sign which is nothing but his Sakthi which has same value or importance as the minister himself.

Let us apply the same above example to Lamp Lighting and how we invoke the Goddess the God’s Sakthi. We already saw that the Lamp and the Light (Agni’s Suvaha Devi) is the seat for the Sakthi. So it should be very clean whenever we invoke her onto it, as we treat the lamp and the light as the MahaLakshmi. Since we do this ritual to fulfill our life’s lakshyam (desires) to receive Bhagya Sakthi (Luck energy) we call this God’s energy on the lamp and the light as Bhagya Lakshmi. We clean the lamp, and decorate it with flowers and turmeric and kumkum and light it to invoke the Bhagya Lakshmi. After we greet the Goddess with Slokas and when we are done with our prayers, we complete the ritual and should kindly provide send off to the Goddess. So we need to say good-bye to the Sakthi by putting off the lamp light with flowers saying ‘Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti hi’, with the thought that the God’s sakthi should come to us whenever we invite her. It is not the God who would come in the lamp instead it would be his Sakthi form, like the Minister sends a letter with his stamp and sign.
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Why lamp lighting needed every day? 8 months 3 weeks ago #2093

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Lighting Lamp - Part 1

Many people have the doubt.-as to whether we can the lighted lamp at home after pooja or let the lamp off by itself. There are various explanations in the Uni5 approach. And all explanations will hold good in its respective viewpoint.
Why should we light lamp or do rituals, homams at home? We all have this life based on the puny a Karma we have accumulated in our previous birth. We misunderstand that all the good life we enjoy now is due to our hard work. Though it is true from one aspect, it is not the complete story. Lets take an example: There are many students studying in the same clan, same teacher teaching the same subject to all at the same time. Do all the students get the same job, do all the students become doctors, engineers, scientists etc.? The answer is no. One may become a manger while other person works as a worker. This is all determined by Poor va Jan ma fun ya. Only if a person has enough energy, he will get the right opportunity and get selected in his interview. We sheud understand that we need luck Energy (Baghya Shakti) in addition to our hardwork.
What do we have to do to increase this luck energy? This is where doing poojas & rituals come into pidiire. Pooja and rituals are not for Gods. If Someone who loves God and surrender himself to God, he doesn't need all the rituals and pooja. Just to think of God one don't have to do all these poojas. Because you can just think and get connected to God. (which is called Bhakthi)
But, if you are looking to fulfill your wishes, you need the God's energy (Shakthi). All wishes, desires one her Thet needs to be fulfilled will need to have the luck energy.(this is called 'Kaamanya'); To increase the luck energy, you will have to do these poojas & rituals. We should remeber, for getting something, we must give something. To relate this better, when I was a small kid, my mother used to give rice, jaggery to the temple for my birthday. The temple priests will make 'Pongal' with these ingredients we gave and do pooja to God and give the' Pongal' back to us as prasedham. Only if we give something, we will get something.(energy transformation).
To receive the luck energy, we should have a container. The temple prasedhan can be taken home only if you have a vessel (container). We need something to carry similar to carry bag, bag etc.. This is called as "Vahanam'. For carrying us from one place to another place we use a vehicle, carrier. Similarly, for receiving the Luck Energy, we need a 'Vahanam'.
Given that the Divine Energy (luck energy) is very subtle, we need to use a 'Vahanam' like fire to receive the energy. And we use the lamp by lighting fire and use that as a medium for receiny the luck energy (God's Shakthi)
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Why lamp lighting needed every day? 8 months 3 weeks ago #2092

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Part- 5

From lighting lamp we have to bring awareness about why certain actions are performed. As time energy is more important, right actions has to be performed at right time. We have to put admission for our kids at correct age in L.K.G. We can't join them after ten years in L.K.G due to expenses. If a right action is not performed at right time, then we have to face the consequences accordingly.

In Mahabharata Yudistra was aked by Yaksha to answer "What is Dharma"?t. To me, this is so powerful. Also Veda Vyasar thought the same, and insisted about it in Mahabharata. Yudishtra didn't provide a fresh answer to this .The same concept comes in veda such as Rig veda, Sama veda, Yajur veda and Athava veda. And they explained us in a very simple understandable way. It is illustrated to people via epics. Moreover, in olden days people have also lived accordingly. We can easily identify all characters of mahabharata when we are able to relate this via uni5 concept..Henceforth, right from lighting lamp, Treat others as you treat yourself and also reflect the same tendency in other actions performed. This is a dharmic life.

Why should we do dhanam ? We feel happy when we are given gifts. The same joy should be experienced when we receive gifts also. This is a dharmic act. Dhanam is similar to business. When we visit to our friends home we present gifts to their kids, keeping in mind that they will show the same to our kids is dhanam. Exchange of gifts is dhanam. We do things as I insist to give 10%, 20% or 50% so that we will give to get return exchange as blessings.

Many people have joined hands in making a good society with high values and no bribe. If we have to live in a society with no bribe and high values, we have to contribute our best to the makers of this wonderful society. This is dharmam . Treating others as self is highest dharmam.

When we do this finally we and God become one and this is called as moksham. This is the reason for our birth. Our life ends at this stage. We continue to take births till we unite with God. This is the significance of lighting lamp and light off.

We should not waste any energy. We should not waste any drop water, any piece of food. Even a tissue paper should be properly used. We can use it but not waste or misuse. Similarly we should not waste oil also as we are lighting lamp for ourselves and not for God. We are not lighting lamp for God's better vision. We are lighting lamp for ourselves and hence we should off the light immediately after the prayers. If we have only time for five minutes to do pooja, it is sufficient to lit the lamp for five minutes else if we have time for half an hour for pooja we can lit lamp for half an hour. We are not doing any actions for others, we are doing everything for ourselves. Our birth is not intended for others whereas for thyself. This has to be felt and experienced.

This is uni5 selftual, explaination given by ancient Rishis. Our sincere salutations to all the Maha Rishis.
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Why lamp lighting needed every day? 1 year 3 months ago #2084

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Is it necessary to wash the lamp everyday and only then light it? why is it compulsory?

The one view model is failing in the modern world. The five level views (Uni5) helps to understand from the five levels to make complete sense of everything.

Physical Body level: We need to wash the lamp before lighting it to generate maximum energy, first with its freshness look, like we take a shower for freshness.

For instance, take the carburetor in a car, we need to periodically clean it for its efficient functioning. Only if the impurities are cleared out, the engine will function smoothly.

We have to connect the cleaning not only to the physical body , but also with our mind. Our mind also needs constant and periodical cleaning, the transformation process.

Intelligence: The lamp itself is considered as Lakshmi Devi, who brings Awareness of luck Energy. So the lamp is adorned with flowers, turmeric and vermillion powder. So the lamp becomes the vehicle or image to invoke God's energy.

Awareness/ Consciousness level: Cleaning is always a change and cleaning is an act of changing our awareness to Consciousness levels.

Here is another way to look at this 5 levels.

Body level
—Lighting the lamp with five wicks brings the five cosmic energies (Pancha bhootas) into our life and improves health since our body is also made up of the same five elements.

Mind level— It influences our thought process. Just like the physical light helps us to see the material world, we start to have a positive outlook on life.

Intelligence level—Chanting mantras before lamp with positive thoughts helps us to make the right decisions in life. Thereby we can over come our problems in life.

4. Awareness level—Doing the process of lighting lamp with awareness helps to improve our inner awareness and lead a meaningful life.

5. Consciousness level
—Lighting lamp helps us to get connected to the Cosmic source more easily. We are able to see that divinity in every thing around us, which helps us to perform selfless actions and lead a happy life.

Why are there so many rules and regulations in performing rituals to God?

There is a lot of difference between invoking God to fulfill our desires and invoking God just out of pure devotion (See conditional unconditional Energy) . For the former, rules and regulations apply because we invoke God with a condition that we do rituals ( a karma) and exchange with God's Energy, which can be used for fulfilling our desires. Whereas in the later case of invoking God, no rules and regulations apply since the devotee has no conditions or any desire to be fulfilled. So the rituals has no conditions either.

Perfect example for Devotion is "Kannappa Naayanaar", who instantly removed his eyes and placed them on the shiva linga, when he noticed the lord's eyes bleeding in the linga. This is because he and God are one. There is only love between the two without any conditions of the individuals.

Love begins when two individuals lose their individuality to one another. Love ends when two individuals with conditions appear.

After losing his eyes, he still continued doing abisheka for the lord by spitting and performing all other rituals to the lord in his own way. Since there are no conditions of desires in him, he has no rules in his pooja.

Kannappa Naayanaar did not have any desires to be fulfilled for himself. He was always happy and contented with whatever life has given him.
So this way of worshiping the lord is most recognized and does not involve any rules.

On the other hand, when a priest does a ritual in a temple, he has to follow all the rules and regulations strictly because he is doing the rituals either to fulfill his own desires or to fulfill the desires of the devotees coming to the temple.

The same applies while performing rituals even at home.

Without Energy science, people do not have a clear understanding of unconditional happy love (Unconditional) and conditional Energy (matter) in doing rituals.
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