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TOPIC: Uni5 Class Apps

Uni5 Class Apps 7 months 4 weeks ago #2103

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Uni5 Class Apps 2 years 4 days ago #2074

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Oct 16th 2016
Oct 17th 2016

oct 18th to 20th 2016
what is a chemical reaction in atoms level and how does it occur

Oct 21st 2016

Space and gravity

what is a chemical reaction.

khan-chemical reaction

chemical equilibrium

what triggers chemical reaction.

Biology of cell

Transport in cells
Theory of relativity , another version

DNA to protein - betterone
translation protein good simple

ATP and glycolysis
ATP generation

Simple animation of ETC
best Animation of ETC with Proton and Electron

Aerobic anerobic Respiration
acids and bases

schrodinger cat
Double slit experiment

Quantum Theory made Easy

Areas of Brain


Heisenberg uncertainity principle


Universe expanding or contracting?

Dimensions of Universe


Skeletal Muscle Glucose


cellular respiration
How to generate Electricity
magnetism and electricity
Energy- Carrier

ATP-small video

more-ATP-Energy Carrier
Best Kreb cycle animation

Hydrogen Energy

How chemcial bonds store Energy

covalent bonding oil and water-entropy[/url]

Excellent animation - mitochondria and energy

H+ Gradient and ATP Synthase

Electron Transport-good


Electron Transport Chain

Electron Transport chain

Electron Transport Chain

Nuclear fusion reactor

Nuclear fusion explantion

Misconceptions in physics

parasympathetic system

Five series.

1.Time doesnt flow backwards.
2. Cause and effect
4.Earth and Entropy
5.purpose of life


World's Most Asked Questions: What Is Energy?

perpetual motors

Understanding Motors


Hot and neutral wires
Bhaskara's wheel

Electron moving

wave function

Golden ratio and Fibonacci spiral in a new atomic theory.

Gear system
Best Gear system

The Miracle of Water

Electron Configuration
Arrangements of atomic orbitals
Excellent- atomic orbitals
Mobious-quantum levitation

Punnet Square

Review of Y chromosome

Y chromosome inheritance

Humoral Immune response

Excellent immunity animation


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