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TOPIC: Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book 2017

Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book 2017 11 months 4 weeks ago #2096

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Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book 2017 1 year 10 months ago #2073

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Excerpt from the upcoming Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book 2017

Navarathri Golu is a very important tool to understand scientific concepts (Shastras) by children and adults using perceptible dolls of Cosmic Energy pattern.

One of the Energy's phenomenon is expressed as motion. In modern age we study it as Newton's three laws of motion. But we all including children forget it. By connecting to Navarathri Golu we can easily remember it deeply.

During the First three days we invoke Goddess Durga. Durga removes "Tamas or laziness (inertia) within us and finally kills Mahisasura.

What is inertia? Resisting change (being stubborn by continuing the current state of action) is inertia. Any "Body" will remain in its own state of existence unless and until it is acted upon by an external force. This is Newton's first law. Everybody forgets it because it is not connected to our Self.

This means a ball will continue to roll until it is stopped by any other force. This will be true for any "Body" including objects outside of us, like automobiles, rocks and even resting objects around us.

Vishnu was continuing to sleep (resting body) even when Brahma was attacked by Madhu-Kaidaba asuras. Vishnu wokeup only when Durga force woke him up. This is why we give the credit of killing madhu and Kaidabha to Durga, the inertia removing force in Navarathri.

In Uni5 schools our teachers connects this principle to our own inert behavior patterns and that brings double benefit to the children. Our Rishi's conveyed science (shastras) through Universal cosmic patterns (Puranas), so we use the same for teaching modern science.

Children are asked about all those actions that they perform continuously until an external force is acted upon them to stop it. They answer that they continue to sleep until an external force in the form of alarm or mother’s screaming voice wakes them up. Other examples like sitting in couch and watching TV continues until an external force or internal force (tired eyes, hunger etc) sets in.

This changing force is Durga which is what we invoke in the first three days of Navarathri.

Children understand that the laws of nature connects to our working of inner-faculties too. This self connection makes them to remember the laws for a longer time.

In advanced level, we ask children to substitute the word "body" to "mind" and read again...

Every mind persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, unless it is compelled to change its state by an internal or external force. Internal force is inspiration and external force is pain or suffering resulting because of our lazy nature.

Through questioning and discussion we can make children connect to the aspect of mind energy which also follows the same pattern. Unless a mind is compelled to change by the force of "rational-intelligence", it continues to exist in its own state. We connect to how the belief’s of the mind can be changed by the force of rational thinking. Here we connect to historical events that lead from belief’s to rational thinking.

Please do not copy this information without permission as this is a copyright info of Uni5 Selftual Navarathri Book - 2017

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