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TOPIC: Neelanjanam

Neelanjanam 1 year 4 months ago #2076

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I had question about Neelanjanam. After i had used it i usually buried the coconut.
Is it appropriate to give to street dog to eat due to hunger rather than buried it.
Is it wrong or correct..i really confuse. Can you guide me. Thank you
Can I feed to bird...
You can use it for vegetarian cooking, you can put in mixi blender and then grind and add jaggery and cook it to make a burfi...or you can squueze the milk and add jaggery and boil it and drink as a milk. No nourishing for you and children and also energized with mantra sakthi chantings.

You can give the coconut to birds and dogs and animals. if it is good, how come it wont be good for you?.

Dont have fear of coconut....it is an excellent food. It was fooled by companies for their commercial agenda. Now the whole world knows that coconut is really healthy food.

Listen to this wonderful talk.
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Neelanjanam 3 years 2 months ago #1968

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Why Sani Neelanjanam to Ayyappa?

Sun married Usha Devi , daughter of Viswakarma.

She gave birth to Yama.

But when years passed away she could not tolerate and bare Sun's heat and radiation.

Finally she created a twin sister from herself [shadow] and named her as Chaaya and asked her to live with Sun and left to her father's home for rest.

Sun does not know this.

A child was born and he was named as Srutha karma.

But Yama was not happy with this lady and he was doubtful.

One day she asked her to tell the truth and when she said the truth behind her birth, Yama became so angry and tried to kick her.

Immediately Chaaya Devi cursed Yama that his legs will decay.

But Sun stopped that curse and asked Yama to worship Darma Sastha at Jaapyesshwar near Narmadha river.

Yama went to that spot and worshiped Sastha afor 2 years and got revealed from his curse.

But Srutha karma was restless and felt very bad about his mother's attitude.

He also went to the same place took fasting and poojas to Sastha and prayed that his mother must feel her mistake and she must undergo the consequence for her action. He said that Darma sastha alone can do that.

Sastha was pleased with his unbiased nature and blessed him to be the planetary position called Sani. He also blessed and gave him to the power to judge he people based on their actions and said that Sani will be correcting the devotees who are really dedicated to Sastha.

Sastha said that Sani day fasting and Neelanjanam will put off the negative thoughts and actions.

Sastha also accepted Black blue wear as Sani's controller.

The very first person punished by Sani was his mother Chaaya Devi. She was given the punishment that she can be only the shadow of objects not the reality.
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Neelanjanam 3 years 9 months ago #1856

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1)Can it be done morning OR evening?

One time morning is enough.

2)If it should be done in the morning,then as per ur instructions I light 5 wicks for the morning lamp.....but in ur demonstration for Neeranjanam u mention lighting 2 wicks,so what should I do?Does the number of wicks matter?

After you light lamp with five wicks, then light the neelanjanam with one wick (the pouch).

3)I was told to do it for 5-10 days by Guruji,is it ok if I dont do it continuously for 10 days?Will a break of 2-3 days in between be ok? If a patient complaints about a leg pain to a doctor the doctor tells to eat continuously for few months calcium rich foods. Even if the patients skips a few days nothing major will happen at the same time, the calcium energy is lost for that skipped days.

Like a doctor looking at the lack of calcium energy and not on the pain symptom, Guruji looks at the lack of energy and not on the sufferings in life. A patient may wonder why he is not addressing the pain in leg but asking to eat calcium rich foods. But doctor is clear that the pain is not a disease, it is lack of Calcium energy the cause for pain.

One doubt about neeranjanam : the coconut can be used for cooking or buried in the back yard.What about the ash of the sachets burnt,can they be used with the coconut for cooking.

The ash also can be buried or thrown away. Coconut can be used for cooking vegetarian dishes or be burred in ground.

When should I extinguish the fire? Or should it extinquish itself?

Allow it to extinguish on its own. However take care that you dont leave the fire unattended.

Each day do I have to take a new coconut and break it and all that or can I use the same (may be laziness) Yes fresh coconut each day because it generates Energy.

Can we drink the coconut water after breaking the coconut
? Yes after you finished the neelanjanam ritual.

What if the coconut breaks unevenly, can it be used for the Neelanjanam process? It symbolizes lack of awareness energy. It is okay to use it, but next day try to break it evenly.

Is spoiled coconut unfit for Neelanjanam ritual? Remember neelanjanam is doen to generate Energy. It is similar to making a cake using spoiled ingredients. Then what is use of such a cake?

Should the rice be replaced everyday?

Yes replace rice everyday. You can use it for vegetarian cooking or give it to a temple.

Can i accumulate more in a container than donate it to the temple? Yes. It is good to do so.
Can i donate the rice to other people or less fortunate one? Yes. Even better.

I am doing Neelanjanam only on Saturday morning.Do I have to do it every day? Initially it is good to do for 10 days continuously to generate energy, then you could do it every Wednesday and Saturday for a few more weeks, then on Saturdays after that.

I am doing it with white cotton cloth. Whether Using black cloth will bring more benefits?
This is all based on Energy. Energy is of course based on the material and the color spectrum too. So black cloth for seasame seeds is good and white cloth for the white rice. White or black/dark blue cloth can be used for both the packs.

Does the coconut need to have the crown?
No crown not needed because you cannot place it as a cup.

Should the coconut with eye be in the left side or right side on the rice plate:
It is not a problem, either way it is fine.
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Neelanjanam 5 years 10 months ago #497

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While performing Neelanjanam ritual, why only sesame seeds and rice used?

Neelanjanam is used in temples connected with Saturn like Ayyappa temple and Saturn temple. Saturn represent the Energy needed to bring inner transformation, which is slow and limping. Transformation is a nature's functionality. Sesame seeds has that transforming functionality quality and rice has other Energy functionality (represented by other planets).


Does putting sesame seeds sachet tied in black cloth on Saturdays in the fire placed in the temple specifically for this purpose also gives the same benefit?

Usually Neelanjanam is done in temples in India. Outside India this is not possible. Hence Guruji recommends it to be done at home. Though it is certainly brings a bring increased Awareness Energy in us.

How does this affect in removing our negative energy apart from the fact that light and Fire increase our positive nature in looking at various things in life.Does this ritual also improve our SAL energy?

Everything works at various levels. These rituals increase significantly awareness levels and change our life quality. It also accelerates the rotation of the Energy molecules in us. This has a great impact on our physical and mental well being. Please Reading-Mantras
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