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Health News 2017

February 2017

Contact tracing and targeted insecticide spraying can curb dengue outbreaks

3,000 Steps in 30 Minutes Improves the Prognosis for Heart Failure, Study Suggests

High blood pressure reversed in offspring of hypertensive rats

Creative People Have Better-Connected Brains

Doctors Prescribe More Antibiotics When Expectations Are High, Study Says

B Vitamins Reduce Schizophrenia Symptoms, Study Finds

Placebo and Valium Are Equally Effective for Acute Lower Back Pain in the ER

Vitamin B3 prevents glaucoma in laboratory mice

Food additive found in candy, gum could alter digestive cell structure and function

Limiting salt consumption lowers blood pressure in patients with kidney disease

Link between lipoproteins and kidney stones in children, urology research team suggests

Older Adults Who Exercise Regularly May Lower Chances for Severe Mobility Problems

How Eating Less Can Slow the Aging Process

 In Uni5 we have been telling that oxygen -breathing is also important....todays research news shows in mice----The research in mice found that bacterial infections have vastly different outcomes depending on levels of oxygen in the body when the infection takes hold. If oxygen levels are low when infection strikes, the immune system launches a massive overreaction.  Immune cell study prompts rethink on how to tackle infections....

In Indian Medicinal system...anything you drink first in morning has a potent if you drink tea or coffee that is not good for health...will cause more damage-----that is why we suggest drinking pure water------now scientists have found that  36 patients who took 250 milligrams of the drug   had outcomes that were virtually identical to the 36 patients who took the standard dose, 1,000 milligrams of the drug on an empty stomach.----

lupus erythematosus) is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the immune system is unable to distinguish the difference between foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, from its own healthy body tissue, so it attacks itself, damaging skin, joints, and kidneys -- among other organs        Todays news shows  that more than drug...anti-oxidants are better......But in Uni5 we say that antioxidant should come as food and nowt as pills--------see their statement----- "We need to develop a drug that can revive the mitochondria," she says. "A more focused antioxidant therapy targeting the particular organelle may have more efficacy."

Extensive Use of Fluorinated Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers: Chemicals Can Leach Into Food

Paracetamol Study Could Open Door for Way to Treat Liver Damage

Some Fast-Food Packaging Has Harmful Chemicals

January 2017

Most Doctors Ignore One of the Most Potent Ways to Improve Health (India's ancient culture was a well knitted social sysrtem which is broken into nuclear families for selfish needs).

Zinc Eaten at Levels Found in Biofortified Crops Reduces 'Wear and Tear' on DNA  (Ancient Indian kerala cooking vessels gave this fortification of zinc everyday). 

Every Meal Triggers Inflammation

Appendix May Have Important Function, New Research Suggests

Viruses in Genome Important for Our Brain

Too much sitting, too little exercise may accelerate biological aging

Insecticides mimic melatonin, creating higher risk for diabetes

Chronic sleep deprivation suppresses immune system

World still 'grossly underprepared' for infectious disease outbreaks

Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells