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Health News 2017

July 2018

Footwear habits influence child and adolescent motor skill development

Gastrointestinal flora: the culprit for severe lung damage after blood transfusion

Healthier hearts equal healthier guts

New research could banish guilty feeling for consuming whole dairy products

Eat Oranges for Your Eye Sight

Oxidative Stress Chemicals Essential?

From corn to flake: Health-promoting phenolic acids lost during food processing

Multivitamins do not promote cardiovascular health

Antioxidant supplements fail to improve sperm quality in infertile men

June 2018

Coconut Oil Prolongs Life in Peroxisomal Disorders: Fruit Fly Study

Childhood vaccination exemptions rise in parts of the US

One-third of US adults may unknowingly use medications that can cause depression

Light Exposure During Sleep May Increase Insulin Resistance

Stressful Jobs Are Associated With a Higher Risk of Heart Rhythm Disorders

Millions Could Have Incorrect Statin, Aspirin and Blood Pressure Prescriptions

Bad news becomes hysteria in crowds, new research shows

Tonsils Removed? Allergies, Infectious Disease

Walking Faster Could Make You Live Longer

Green tea molecule could prevent heart attacks


May 2018

Leg exercise is critical to brain and nervous system health

Study uncovers cause of pesticide exposure, Parkinson's link

Flavonoids may slow lung function decline due to aging

Vegetarian Diet: Vitamin B12 Breakthrough (Garden cress)

A High-Fiber Diet Protects Mice from the Flu

Oral antibiotics may raise risk of kidney stones

Faster Walking Heart Patients Are Hospitalized Less

Diet Rich in Fish and Legumes May Help Delay Natural Menopause

Food for Thought: Ketogenic Diets Reduce Athletes' Anaerobic Performance, Study Finds

The Yogi masters were right -- meditation and breathing exercises can sharpen your mind

April 2018

Chronic Dizziness Can Result From, or Trigger, Psychiatric Disorders

Raw Fruit and Vegetables Provide Better Mental Health Outcomes

Music Activates Regions of the Brain Spared by Alzheimer's Disease

Effects of Night-Time Light on Internal Body Clock

Study Found People Would Rather Pop a Pill or Sip Tea Than Exercise to Treat High Blood Pressure

The Complicated Biology of Garlic

Antidepressants and Bladder Medicines Linked to Dementia in Landmark Study

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Greater Risk of Diabetes

March 2018

Physically fit women nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia

Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion or hypersensitivity

Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion or hypersensitivity

Feb 2018

Diet Shown to Reduce Stroke Risk May Also Reduce Risk of Depression

Forage-based diets on dairy farms produce nutritionally enhanced milk

Vegetarian and Mediterranean Diet May Be Equally Effective in Preventing Heart Disease

Jan  2018

Curcumin improves memory and mood

Energy drink use in teens has adverse effects