Pay Check

Why some people who do not do any good karma, enjoys good life , while some one who does good karma suffers?

There are several views and the most logical and Energy based pattern.  Some one who has "high Energy" has good life and while with low energy has a poor life.

We can understand this easily with our own paycheck for the salary we receive for our work or Karma.

Even if we dont work in the current month, the paycheck of the previous month supports us. The deficiency of money of not working this month is only felt in the next month.

Let us take the example of two guys A and B. Guy A stopped working January 31st in a company. And guy B was without a job and finally joined in place of guy A on January 31st in the same company.

In the month of Feb, Guy A has the paycheck from January and so he is fine paying for his food and other expenses. While Guy B is feeling miserable in February.

But the situation changes in the month of March, when Guy A is without money and feels miserable, while Guy B gets the paycheck of working in feb month.

This is the pattern we see with the life patttern of people. Our life depends on the good and bad actions in the form of Luck energy in this life.

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