Math links

Five states of matter

good concepts

size of smallest to biggest

Scale of Universe

sizes of matter

very good physics concepts

another science teach

Good for stellar and all physics for school children

Good to learbn basic physics

Basics children-teachers parents

Good for learning atom and also take quiz and score

physics video teaching - good

Particle adventure

Excellent particle physics videos

Beginner physics



Human perceptions and bonding

Good for children optics- why colors


Human eye optics


Optics Links

Lens working

learning by playing


Home science experiment



Matter - (very good)

weight in different planets

good work out

home schooling tips



 Good for quantum for children

Excellent to remove wrong notions of atoms - video PBS NOVA


How to study small things - Fermilabs

states of matter

Physics Facts book

Mass and number of everything (physics of everything) 

Excellent objective questions

Another good objective questions

Excellent for school children objective quizzes


Electromagnetic spectrum good to learn

Forces easy learn


For school science - excellent


Kinetic-potential Energy-good exercise


waves excellent explanation


Potential and kinetic energy worksheet-1

Potential and kinetic energy worksheet-2

Energy and motion

Newton laws of motion

The best explantiopn for third law of motion

third law well explained -

third law make arocket simple things

third law with systems

States of matter -

About Energy

Does Size matter?


Work - force Energy

Simple machines - good ppt

simple machine-good concept map
Simple machines-easy pictures

Simple machines

Simple machines made easy and work sheet

another simple machines

levers-3 types



Good multiple choice questions


Electric Power Genrator

Excellent for science of Electricity

Good about atoms, protons, photons

elements formed very good

static electricity

Excellent for electric circuit

all are potential and kinetic energy