Importance of Sal Energy in disease treatment: When we fall sick, medicine’s effectiveness is also based our SAL Energy. If we don’t perceive from the SAL Energy point of view, we will consider treatment failures as a medical limitation. Medicine is a chemical Energy that we give to a patient. But that Chemical Energy may not restore health if the SAL Energy is depleted or unbalanced in the individual. Therefore Ayurveda (the ancient medical science) focuses both on chemical and SAL Energy using herbs and rituals.

     When dealing with a chronic or life threatening diseases, ancient Indian medical Science worked with Spiritual Science for transforming SAL energy through “Energy” based technological rituals known as Tanthra. It is very amazing to know that they use sound Energy (Manthra) and geometrical tools (Yantra) to transform the SAL energy. These are the ways to loan the Cosmic Energy for an individual’s Karma bank (see later).

How do I know much SAL Energy I possess?

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