Water Ritual

Honoring the Energy forces that influence our lives every day is important.  We are born due to our Ancestors and parents.   Hence thanking our Ancestors and our Parents, Teachers, and Guru who give us knowledge, every day brings blessings/ well wishes (luck) to us. Since everyone is
busy to remember this fact, Vedic tradition takes a brief moment during cleansing the external body (Shower), when the body and mind become fresh.
show-rituThis is a simple ritual which gives us freshness and positive thoughts in our mind when done every day. It takes 10 to 15 seconds in the bathroom.
 Every day in shower take a handful of water or water in a bowl and turn towards East direction and offer your honors (Prayer) to the river. Why river?. because without water there is no life. Rivers are the source of drinkable water (though Ocean is abundant with water. Why turn east?.
Because Sun rises in the East and it is the Sun that does distillation (purification) of Salty Ocean water to clouds and then Rains to the river.
It is good to pray to all the Holy Indian rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Cauvery etc and also add the country's river you are living also as a mark of honor. If you are in the USA then add to it Missouri and Mississippi too and so the river based on the country you are living.
You can even chant mantra

         Gangacha Yamunecheva. Godavari Saraswathi. Narmadha Sindhu Kaveri, Jalasmin Sannidhim Kuru.

 This acknowledges the importance of rivers as the source of our life.
It is good to chant Gayathri Mantra looking at the sun (if you have a bathroom window that gives the glance of the sun, it is good, even not visualize the sun in front of you).
Why chant Gayathri Mantra?- It inspires creativity in you.

Then towards your right side, and the direction will be South, the direction of Pitrus (Ancestors). Then offer one-third of the water you hold as offerings to all your ancestors. You can also chant "Arpanam" , which means your offering. Krishna in Sanskrit means black, here it means the Energy that is not visible or dark, which is the subtlest Energy. So chant "Krishnar-panam", meaning I offer to the subtlest invisible or unperceivable Energy, which is the "only one source" of all beings living or non-living. To that Single Energy source we connect with this offering. 
Why Ancestors?. Because you have no existence now without their early existence.

Take a turn to your right side, then the direction will be west , the direction of the Guru. After your ancestors, you are honoring your Aadhi-guru (First guru) your parents. Think  of them. Then next to your Sat-guru (Guru who gives the Knowledge) and your Acharya (one who teaches rituals). Pour next one-third of the water with the chanting " Arpanam or Krishnar-panam".

Then turn to your right, it becomes North, the direction of none and there is nothing to offer.

Take again a right turn and you face east, the direction of Devatas. Pray to the three energies "creation, sustenance and destruction, the Trimurthy Devas (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) and Tri-Devis (Saraswathy, Lakshmi and Parvathi), the Pancha Bhutas (Five elements) , Navagrahas
(Nine Planets) and all the Gods and Goddesses and the local gods also and offer the final water with "Arpanam or Krishnar-panam".

Every day doing this ritual during bath takes only less than 20 seconds but make your day and life very complete, because you are acknowledging and honoring all the forces for your existence.

You clean the body with water and do this ritual at the end of the bath. After this ritual, you take the final shower.

Taking bath with a bowl reduces the wastage of water and time. Taking bath with shower, we waste lots of water because we start to think of all worldly matters and just stand under the flowing water.  By using a vessel and bowl to take bath, you are aware of the bath and time and reduce wastage of water, time and energy and also you get the belly exercise of bending down to get water.  
Water's Impact: The awareness Energy becomes high when we are in contact with water and so many rituals are done with wet body and clothes. So chantings done while wet, have more impact.