Uni5 Sakthi Awards

An award is bestowed to an individual or a team as an inspiration to others to follow the path of success. Unfortunately now awards are sought by individuals for aggrandizing their Self-image (Ego).

In 2014 we are bestowing the five Uni5 Sakthi Awards to five individuals for their community work in five different areas of physical health or medicinal work , emotional motivation, education, Invitation UNI 5 1 curve2spiritual and community improvement.

The award is bestowed to the recipient by uni5 Sakthi Foundation to motivate others to do community welfare.

The award is received by the recipient with the thought that the individual's life is evolving/transcending to a Selftual state of enlivening the community. Rivers flow and enliven barren lands to allow life to grow. Ganga is the representation of   a river  that culminates finally in the ocean and so the awards are given in that highest name.

The first Uni5 Sakthi Meet is coupled with the URC medical sciences graduation ceremony of Uni5 Early childhood Diploma on sunday  4th May 2014.

There will be a exhibition starting at 1.00 PM of Early Uni5 childhood learning materials and all the five needs of a human being.

All are invited to this program.





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