Universal Spiritual Truth in Religions

If we can not love the person whom we see, how can we love God whom we can not see?" - Mother Teresa

All religions talk one Universal truth. But our mind based on its tendencies interpret the way it likes and creates conflicts or wars.

Desires: Let us analyze about the word  "Desires" the cause for suffering as told as an Universal Truth in all religions. How this is viewed is what causes conflicts and war with religions.

Let us look how first the story of Adam and Eve that is misinterpreted by Abrahamic_religions (like Judiasm, Christianity etc), the three  major religions that all have this story common in their holy books.

Story of Adam and Eve: In Summary,  God created Adam and Eve and asked them not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. A serpent (Satan) tempted Eve to eat, who later shared with Adam. God banishes them from the garden of Eden after that. 

When this story is interpreted without understanding the symbsolism behind it brings conflicts among religions and also with Science. This springs forth questions that make religious leaders baffled and contrdicts with Science about a God who could oppose Knowledge. This could be resolved if we understand that Knowledge is also of five types as given below.


 Five knowledge



So when God created Plants and Animals first, the Knowledge of the needs of lif was given to them. But Human was also created this Knowledge was given to them by God. But God prohibited them from obtaining the knowledge of desires and drove them out of Heavenly Eden means that when we have desires of likes and dislikes we create hell in our life.

Serpent represents "Energy" in all religions and here Satan in the form of Snake represent that Energy of the mind that is tempting to be in a state of likes and dislikes (emotional mind).  The sin means to be in a state of the polarized mind of likes and dislikes.

Satan also tempts the female Eve, who then gives to Adam, because female in religion represent the desire expressing "Conditional Energy" and male represents the unconditional Consciousness.

Eve was created from Adam represents that Energy (female)  is created from the unconditional Consciosuness (male).

Redemption from Sin: To get back to God in heaven, one has to evolve to the higher knowledge, the knowledge of Self (Know thy Self), the unconditional Consciousness. It is that unconditional love , that talks about "God is Love".

In the Eastern Religions, Hinduism, Buddishm, Jainism, all talk about the same "Desire" the cause for suffering and Moksha or slavation, when we evolve to the state of desirelessness. It is not possible for any body to be in a desireless state, but can be in a individual desireless state. This sel-desirelessness state is called God Consciousness state or divine state. 

The Universal theme of all religions is to self realize this God-Consciousness-state.

It is a journey we walk from "Individual" desires (EGO) to "Universal" desires (God-Desire), the purpose of life. 




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