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This section also welcomes readers experience to share about the simple remedies that work that they have encountered.

We have different sections of food that are divided as grains, herbs, fruits, vegetables etc.


For child fever, cough, cold, vomoting, infections-home remedies.


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the ancient science of pharmacy called “Rasashastra” was used routinely by herbal medical practitioners. Processing methods in Ayurveda (called Samskaras) consist of two stages: The Shodhana (purification or detoxification) and Bhaishajya kalpana (formulation methods). The process of Shodhana involves treatment of the drug with “Goumutra” (cow urine) and cow milk [12-16]. About 200 medical texts that describe the Shodhana process, have been written in various languages. Amongst these 200 published texts, “Charaka Samhita” is said to establish the basic concepts for processing herbal medicines [12-15].


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16. Shah RK, Kenjale RD, Shah DP, Sathaye S, Kaur H: Evaluation of cardiotoxicity of shodhit and ashodhit samples of aconite root. Int J Pharmacol Biol Sci 2010, 4:65–68.




This concept is mentioned as yogvahi in ayurveda and was used to increase the effect of medicines by increasing oral bioavailability, decreasing adverse effects and to circumvent parenteral routes of drug administration. More such useful and economically viable drug combinations can be developed by integrating knowledge of time tested ayurveda with modern methods of research. This review is an account of these bioenhancers, available from the natural resources.


he use of “trikatu” as a bioenhancer from ayurveda and successfully applied it to various modern medicines to enhance their bioavailability. The ayurvedic concept of anupaan and sehpaan ought to be incorporated into the modern medicine also. Modern medicine can take the cue from the ayurvedic leads to develop more efficacious and safe medicines with safer routes of drug administration in future also. The underlying mechanisms with their clinical outcomes can also be researched and validated further as per the latest research methodologies.


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