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                        Sugar Apple

Annona squamosa cherimola
Sitaphal is known by many names such as ata, sharifa, seethaphalam, custard apple, and sugar apple.

Sitaphal also has good amounts of iron, phosphorous, potassium, and vitamin C. It has about 3.1% of fibre in the edible portion.
In India, the crushed ripe fruit, mixed with salt, is applied on tumors.
    The green fruit, very astringent, is employed against diarrhea in El Salvador.
• Raw fruit is nauseating and hard to digest because of high starch content.
• It contains pentose as a reducing sugar.
• The juice is a coolant and quenches thirst in summer and fever. Pulp can be used as a flavor for ice puddings.
• Pulp with honey is a nutritive tonic for children and lactating mothers.
• Raw pulp can be used in boils and with tamarind pulp 2 spoons can be used for dysentery.

CHINESE : 番荔枝 Fan li zhi.

DUTCH : Kaneelappel.

ENGLISH : Custard-apple, Sugar-apple, Sweetsop.

FRENCH : Annone écailleuse, Cachiman cannelle (Haiti), Pomme cannelle (Antilles).

GERMAN : Rahmapfel, Süßsack, Schuppenannone (Rehm) , Schuppen-Annone, Zimtapfel, Zuckerapfel.

HINDI : Raamaphal (Ramphal) (Pmed) , Shariiphaa (Sharifah) (Pmed) , Sitaphal (Pmed) .

ITALIAN : Mela canella, Pomo canella.

JAPANESE : バンレイシ Banreishi.

LAOTIAN : Khièb.

MALAY : Buah nona, Sarikaya (Prosea) (Indonesia), Seri kaya, Srikaya (Prosea) (Indonesia).
Malayalam : Sita- Pazham

NEPALESE : Shariiphaa (Saripha), Sariphal, Sitaaphal.

PORTUGUESE : Atá (Brazil), Ateira (dAMt), Cabeça-de-negro (Pmed) (Brazil), condessa, Coração-de-boi (Pmed) (Brazil), Fruta da condessa, Fruta de condessa (dAMt), Fruta do conde (dAMt), Fruteira de conde (dAMt), Pinha, Pinha da Bahia (dAMt), Pinheira (dAMt).

RUSSIAN : Аннона чешуйчатая.

SANSKRIT : Gandhagatra (Pmed) , Shubba (Pmed) .

SPANISH : Ahate (JFMo) (Mexico), Anón (Cuba, Puerto Rico ) , Anón candonga (Dominican Republic), Anona (Inab) (Guatemala), Anona blanca (Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras) (JFMo), Anona de Castilla (El Salvador) (JFMo) , Anona de Guatemala (Nicaragua) (JFMo) , Chirimoya (Ecuador, Guatemala) (JFMo), Chirimoya verrugosa (Pmed) , Chirimoyo, Fruta del conde, Mocuyo (JFMo) (Colombia), Rinón (JFMo) (Venezuela).

TAGALOG : Ates, Atis.

Tamil : Sita- Pazham

THAI : น้อยหน่า Noina.


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