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                             Uni5 School Coimbatore


The third Uni5 Sakthi School began in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India on May 1st 2012. This Sakthi school uses Uni5 Educational System (UES) with integrated Montesorri method. Admissions started for children from age of one year to five. This is at Theethiapalayam, near perur in Coimbatore. Some of teenage are into alcholism and drugs due to neglect of parents. Most of the parents are laborers. . This school will admit children irrespective of economic statchildren-materialus, sex, creed, caste or nationality.

Uni5 education embraces all levels of our reality, that is our body, mind and intelligence with the society and universe to create an individual who is responsible to the own Self and society. 

Such an individual who discovers inner happiness can give happiness to others. Self-integrity summarizes this concept. Self-integrity is a quality, which refers to an individual’s Self connection to everything and holds everyone together. This is the deeper meaning of Dharma “that which supports and holds together”. Adhering to Dharma allows an individual to fulfill the goal of his life and a society to evolve.

 We thank one & all who has rendered their energy to begin this environment.

The sproutof learning Waves in the breeze of nest.

The fruit of love & service Will be seen soon.


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