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Advanced -Space Therapy

Space at mental and physical level
       Space therapy purifies both mind level and body. Abstinence is one of the best means to achieve this state of awareness. Abstinence is seen in all spiritual traditions and is often wrongly understood as a torture of the body and the mind. The purpose of abstinence is not for torture but to bring the wandering mind to the state of awareness. You will be amazed to see how the mind is better observed doing this advanced space therapy.

                Cautionary note

      It is better to do these advanced technique when you have better control over the mind. Otherwise the mind tend to revolt vigorously and will try to prevent you from doing all these exercises. This aspect is the Ego mind, the false master or the shadow projection of the Ego. Details about this ego and the means to take care over this aspect will be dealt later.

     We have observed friends who have not done these advanced steps with patience have ended up with more restless and frustrations. The reason is that, the advanced methods tend to weaken the power of Ego and unlike the mind, the Ego cannot allow to lose its mastery over the body and Mind. In later topics we have explained how the Ego , mind and body can be represented as a blind king (mind) who rules over a kingdom (body) but is a mere puppet to his son, the Ego.

     When we now attack the son (Ego) to end the tyrannical rule of the father and son (Mind and Ego), it ends up in a big war, like the French or Russian revolution. Unlike these modern revolutionary wars, there was a much bigger war in the history of man. This happened in India many thousands of years back. One individual  who was one of the participant in the happenings of the war, then recorded this great war or Mahabharatha as it is. The Sanskrit word for "as it is" is "Ithihaasa", because the author sage Vysasa wrote his story, as an epic, which is now "History".

     We would discuss this great epic Mahabhratham and is relevant even in this modern age because the Author Vyasa is one of the great genius who contributed to the welfare of humankind. Through this epic Mahabharatham, he conceived the great melodrama of our own internal war, the war between our own 'Self' and the "Ego".

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