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Mahabharata - the great internal war.

       It is very fascinating to experience this great war fought thousands of years ago, now in our own mind. Vyasa the great genius through his great epic, Mahabharata gives us practical methodology to fight our internal war and be successful.  Without this timeless  help offered to man, we would grope in the darkness of ignorance. We would be doing all these physical and mental exercises and would be frustrated when we encounter thousands of our thoughts in the mind. The real pain in this internal war comes when we encounter our strong likes and dislikes of the mind, our relatives who were born along with us. This was the state of Arjuna, one of the heroes of the great epic, Mahabharata.

      Sage Vyasa, the author have helped millions of human by recording the most  practical advice ever offered on earth, the Bhagavad Gita. When Arjuna was confused, his cousin Krishna gave the greatest practical message to fight both the internal and external war, which stood the test of time over centuries. Vyasa could not resist to capture this splendid knowledge as a separate text called "Bhagavad Gita" , which is often praised as the precious "Diamond-Pendant" in the golden chain of Mahabharatham. 

      In this web page we are giving this eternal gift in the name of Sakthi Gita, which will guide you to win your internal war between the Ego and the Self. Through the mental exercises of Sakthi Gita you would be able to dissect the components of the Mind, body, intellect, Ego and many facets of them.

   We suggest you to continue reading with the advanced Space therapy methods and further until you reach Sakthi Gita and never miss to practice these exercises for your own benefit.

    The five steps of "Pancha Bhoota" are only initial steps to prepare for this great internal war through which you will seek freedom from the prison of your Ego. All these years you have sensed that there is something lacking in your life and was seeking happiness. Through these exercises you would understand that the cause of all your unhappiness was that you were really living in a prison of your own Ego. The war to set yourself free is an internal revolution.

   We suggest to continue to read the advanced methods of Space therapy, which will help you to sink more in the awareness state.

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