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  Space Silence (The Last Exercise of Space Therapy)

          Abstinence from talking causes physical silence. But what matter is the inner silence. Once a week or at least once a month abstain from talking the whole day. this increases physical power of the body and mind.

Why to do physical silence?

      Doing all the awareness increasing exercises, we will find that we maintain the state of awareness and aware of our thoughts. However we would notice that while talking we lose track of the state. The final practice then would be to have awareness even while talking. But to attain this, one needs this final practice of abstaining from talking or maintaining physical silence.

    Initial step is to abstain from talking for one whole day. If any urgent message is to be conveyed, it is written on a paper and handed over. But overtime make sure that on that day you also abstain from doing any work.

    While doing this abstaining from talking, the important point to be noted is to  decrease the intensity of the thoughts that arise in the mind. Keep dismissing any thought that arises in the mind. The nature of mind is its meandering means. From one thought it jumps into another like a monkey jumping from one tree to another. The mind associates one thought to the another as if it were very logical. Example if it see a car, then the thought of Toyota or Honda leads to Japan or New York, then it leads to a statue of liberty or Hiroshima bombing. From there it leads to world war and so on. In the above example, stay with the thought of the car itself, never allow the mind to get into the thought of Japan or New York. Nib it before it jumps into later thoughts.

      This should be the objective of the silence therapy or space therapy. As we have mentioned several times that  though the size of the brain  is only 20% of the whole body, it consumes more than 40% of energy even at rest, then imagine while actively thinking. This energy will be conserved for the body as well as for healing and repairing body damages.

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