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      Purpose of Meditation

     Meditation is a technique to transcend the mind and the Ego (the "I" feeling) to the final deep state of pure Awareness. There are various types of meditation in many spiritual traditions. They are all oriented to achieve the same purpose of transcendence. As we mentioned earlier though meditation helps the wandering mind to transcend to the awareness or present, it is better to make the environment of the mind conducive for it. All the five Pancha Bhoota purification steps are being done so that the mind can transcend to the source of healing and also gives the purpose of being one with nature. It is the oneness to all beings in nature that every one strives in spiritual practice. Pancha Bhoota meditation gives benefit both to the health seeker and spiritual seeker in helping to transcend to Awareness and then consciousness.

     Pancha Bhoota five steps, incorporates small life style changes so that the mind is less distracted and one does all day to day activities with greater focus and gain the best results. Those who have health problems are equally benefited by the same approach.

                    Steps in Meditation

      Mind watching helps avoiding mind wandering to a great extent. In meditation, mind watching is the first step. Just observe the thoughts and let go of the thoughts, instead of attaching to it and get carried away.

       The meditation method is taught in steps. In the beginning steps the mind is made to relax and to slowly observe ones thought as one observes how his hand or leg moves. In relaxation one objectifies one's body organs and the observer becomes the subject. As relaxation deepens, then one observes one thoughts and finally like the body organs, the mind becomes an object to be observed. The mind is a moving object like a projection of still pictures on a movie screen.

      The next step would be then to see the source of the thoughts. Where does all the thoughts originate?. One understands that the thoughts originate from silence. Then the final step would be to observe the silence, the source of all thoughts.

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