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   The Ego and the True Self

Why does the mind go outwards and the intellect inward?

      Since the mind is in close association (Sat-sang) with the five sense organs (eyes, nose, mouth, hands and ears) it always tend to go outward because these sense organs react  to the external stimuli. Hence the mind also follows it.

      In the ancient Sanskrit and Tamil languages, a word "Ahamkara" is commonly used. This is roughly translated as "Ego". Ego is the "I" feeling that "I" am the body with the sense organs. So Ego is generated when the mind is associated with the body sense organs and its perception. The realm of the mind is the realm of the Ego.

      If the mind operates with the feeling of the body and senses, then it is the Ego feeling. The "I" feeling , that I am the body, mind, senses is the Ego feeling.

      There is another term used in these ancient languages, "Atma". This is  roughly translated as  the "Self". This difference between the Ego and the Self is that the Ego feels that "I" am the body, the mind and the senses. The Self on the other hand is the "perceiver" of the body and the mind and the senses. The Self "witnesses" every thing and so is the perceiver.

       Differentiating these two terms is very essential to understand every aspect in Vedic tradition. Equally important it is to know to understand healing also. The Ego is the gate -keeper that makes sure that the mind does not move inwards. Ego always wants the mind to revel with the body, sense organs and the mind. Therefore all spiritual practices were oriented to break the gate that the Ego safeguards, and transcend to the realm of the Self, that witnesses all the actions.

      We will go deep into this aspect later ,but now we will focus on healing. In the next pages we will discuss about faith in healing. This is highly debated topic in modern science. Modern science fails to understand this because of the lack of its understanding on the nature of the mind, ego and about awareness.

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