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      Power of Abstinence

       Through abstinence one has to observe the mind. The purpose of abstinence is to watch the mind. Mind watching is the closest process that leads to awareness and also to stay in awareness and also leads to the state of pure Consciousness.

      When we do abstinence of food, sex, activity or talking etc we get a chance to watch the mind. We observe how the mind  craves for the object of desire, put forth  temptations, makes justifications to give up the task of abstinence etc. We know these aspects of the mind, but we are helpless in those moments and fall to the weakness of the mind.

      Through the abstinence of space therapy, we are deliberately putting our mind in stake and watching the mind. We see our own self how agitated and restless the mind is. Just keep observing the mind and be aware of the mind thoughts. This is a very powerful means of mind watching which leads in controlling the mind to a greater extent that you can have hold of your mind.

     Now most of the mind is not at all in our control. we think as the mind dictates. We are just caught up in the whirl pool of thoughts of the mind. We helplessly falls into the negative thoughts of greed, anger, jealousy, fear, lust and hatred bring adverse effects to the body and hinder the healing force. As we had discussed before these negative emotions manifest as diseases.  To get out of stress,  the mind should be relaxed and purified from the negative thoughts. This can happen in a slow process of mind watching. Only through the watching the mind we can nib out the unwanted thoughts.

      Next we will the steps involved in final space therapy.

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