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Worship Rituals leads to Awareness

       We have understood the purpose of prayer and we shall discuss briefly about the worship rituals and its intention. As we discussed in the earlier sections that seclusion helps a kid to focus in studying the lessons by preventing distracting thoughts in the mind. A spiritual place of worship is also meant for the very same environment that would be less distracting for the mind, so that it will be available for transcending.

       It is an irony that generally people would carry their worried mind to the place of worship and continue in that state in a temple or church. In spite of that, people do find peace and relief because they pour out their grief and transcend to the state of awareness for a fraction of a second. This transcendence for a milli-second gives immense peace of mind for a person whose mind can transcend in a place of worship. The same place of worship may not bring the same effect to another person because the other person may belong to another religious belief system and so his or her mind might have distracting thoughts of the out of place and hence mind does not transcend.

      Not knowing this truth is the cause for all religious wars and fanaticism which we will discuss later. The important point is that rituals or mode of worship should lead to the awareness state. The place or ritual should help in less distraction for the mind. By the way here we do not mean by physical silence. Contrary is true because sounds of bells , prayers, songs, chanting, instrumental music drum beatings etc lead the distracting mind to the state of awareness. (we will discuss this later in more detail).

     One such ritualistic chanting is "Kandhar shashti kavacham",  a very powerful Tamil chanting which is a healing song towards the healing God Lord Muruga. Muruga is the  personification of Wisdom (Gnana). The song evokes positive attitude and helps to witness every parts of the body and relating the body to the image of the powerful weapons of the Lord. This imagery and visualization helps finally transcending to the awareness state. Healing occurs in these instances not because the flow of grace in the form of light comes from any where out, but from within,  the pure state of Awareness.

      In most spiritual traditions including the Vedic culture, the ritualistic worship has to mature into Selfless service or Seva. Without this growth in worship an individual does not progress in healing of the outer body nor  in the inner Spiritual body.

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