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Advanced -Space Therapy

Abstinence as a technique for the Purification of body &  mind.

There are many things to be abstained and that is the choice of the individual. whatever one thinks to abstain from could be temporary or for a longer time. The time frame for abstinence is decided by the ability so that it is not life threatening or to a level that is too discomforting. Again the purpose has to be clearly understood as a means not for physical or mental torture but for  transcending the mind to pure awareness state.

1. Abstinence of food for small period of time. - Earth Element.

2. Abstinence of food without taste -salt-less, sweet-less, avoiding meat-foods or any favorite food  - water element.

3. Abstinence from  Sex - Fire element

4. Abstinence from an addictive (or favorite) activity - Air element

5. Abstinence from talking- Silence -Space element.

Double benefit of Space therapy of abstinence

        At the body level, abstinence from eating otherwise known  as fasting,  is a cleansing action. The body gets sufficient space and time and energy directed towards the removal of waste from the body. This is like the week-end we all enjoy to abstain from work and clean our home, do laundry etc. Fasting helps in the diversion of energy towards the removal of waste from the body. Hence you would find enough information about the health benefits of fasting. These fasting detoxifies the body by allowing the body's energy to divert to repair activities of the body.

       But all the above are benefits at the body level. At the mind level it helps the mind to turn inward and be less agitated and distracted. This is the double benefit of space therapy. 


adi shankara Sankhya Brahmam

Vedanta Sutras (Brahmasutra-Bhashya)

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