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The purpose of life

When an error is made,
the stupid blame,
the conventional cluck,
and the awake learn.
— Alan Harris

The purpose of life is to correct the error.
      We have committed an error (sin) because of which we undergo pain and suffering in life. The error is the ignorance of Self. We think we are this body, mind and intellect. Our true nature is Pure Consciousness. This whole life is to correct that error and understand who really we are and be liberated from this prison of limitedness.

Why life is then short?
       If we were to enjoy only the sense objects then nature should have given us a body of long life. If just sense enjoyment of life was only the purpose, then Nature or any super power that you believe given not have made diseases which would curtail our enjoyments. What is the purpose of life?

       Spiritual saints comment that life on Earth is just a school and that we are kids sent to this school to study. But we kids forget that we have come to this school, instead spend the whole life seeking enjoyment, shooting other lives and create a havoc. Definitely every kid would love to have fun rather than study. But the learned teachers are never happy with the kids. They advice a lot but many kids do not seem to listen.

We are like grown-up kids.
    Are grown-up kids grabbing anything we find attractive. Only we really grownups understand how dangerous it is. We grab anything in the store that looks fascinating and put into our mouth like the kids. When are we really going to be matured?

      A father who has send the kid to school is also very furious. When the kid returns home missing his lesson, the father sends the kid back to school. We are caught in this school going and home returning. Okay then what is that we have come to learn. The answer is very clear from the kids who had really learned in this school. It's the realization of one's Self.

      What is this Self or Soul that spirituality talks about? When human body is dissected no where a component called Soul is found. Is it a thing or an element of fiction or imagination. Is there God? If God is there does God exists?. If yes, where and when and how?. There are innumerable answered questions but will be clear to our self when the mind is free for the intellect to enquire. Most of us want to know these answers but cannot find because they do not know where to look for.

We will help you to know the answers and you can validate that for yourself.      

New physics of life

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