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Air Therapy

      In our school days we would have done a simple Bell jar experiment proving the truth that a candle will burn only in the presence of oxygen produced from a plant.

1. The simple scientific truth is that for anything to burn requires oxygen (1).

2. When a burning candle is covered with a bell jar, the candle flame goes out without oxygen.

3. When a plant is kept inside the bell jar, the candle flame continues to burn because oxygen is supplied by the plant.

 Oxygen is required for the fat in the candle to burn and give out light energy. This is true in our body too.  The food we eat is digested and converted to mainly sugar (glucose) and fatty acids. The glucose and fatty acids are burned inside the cells in the presence of oxygen. When oxygen is absent our cells cannot burn the fat and sugar to produce energy.

We may eat well and give more than enough fat and sugar to the body, but if we do not give oxygen the body cannot burn them to produce energy. This is why we always are tired though we eat well because we do not breath in enough oxygen.

Throughout the day we are not aware of our breath and so we do not breath enough. So thirty trillion cells in our body are suffocated without oxygen. Especially when brain gets less oxygen then we feel tired.

Video on Deep breathing

Only in sleep we all breath fully and so when the body cells get oxygen, our body gets refreshed. Observe any one sleeping, they will be breathing in and out air very well. When we are sick we become better by taking rest because we breath and supply more oxygen and immediately the body organs can correct themselves. This is the secret of taking rest and healing by the body. So oxygen is called prana, the vital aspect for life.

Good breathing

When we are emotional or tensed, or anxious, and do things in a hurry and not aware of our body we breath less and we became tired quickly. When we work in a computer or any sedantary work we breath less. Olden days people did so many manual work and so breathing was natural. Today everyone do time bound sedantary work and breath less and so get so many diseases. When are in deep water you gasp for breath. Understand this is how your cells are all gasping for breath when you are stressed out. Observe how many times you have stopped breathing normally and how much breath awareness you have lost throughout the day. Understand that many hours you have suffocated your cells without oxygen and energy production.

Everyday when we make our cells suffocated without oxygen we cause so many diseases, especially like cancer. This is why great Rishi's developed the great technology of Pranayama. When correctly done hundreds of diseases are cured without even taking any medicines.

Name any diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, infertility, depression, etc etc can be cured by doing prayanama alone. See for how pranayama kills cancer cells (Click here))much more powerful than any medicines.

 Do along with the five pancha Bhoota to get quick and complete cure.

Suggested VCD for Pranayama:

Since in Sakthifoundation we dont have a VCD for showing the correct way of doing pranayama, we highly recommend following Swami Ramdev's pranayama. Please get those VCD's (Click here)and reap the high benefits of Pranayama. Pranayama will give immeidate results along with other elements of Paranayama. Just taking care of diet alone will not help. All the five elements have to be done.

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