''Accept me in my childhood'' - Kanchi Mahaswamigal

''Accept me in my child hood''

This happens in early 1960s...

It is a small village near Tanjavore.

Maha Swamigal took his abode for a while in that village.

Daily he took bath in Cauvery River and had his darshan in local Shiva temple.

It was a Sunday.

People were slow in nature that day.

It was also raining slightly.

By evening Swamigal took his walk towards the coconut farm and planned to meditate.

He was accompanied by few of his service men.

By this time children were playing ball in the street and most of them were resting for Sunday.

The road was calm and Swamigal just chanted Shankara nama and walked across.

Suddenly the ball fell at his sie and a 8 year old bot rushed and took the ball.

He could not control his balance and fell upon Maha Swamigal.

He felt bad and he do not knew much about Guru.

He said just sorry and tried to leave.

In the meantime from his home his mother came out and witnessed the situation.

She was worried and scared. She was concerned about the consequence for her child.

She called out her husband and explained the matter. All of them fell at the sacred feet of Guru and prepared to accept the ''parikara'' for touching his physical body.

In Vedic tradition a sanyasi is not allowed to tough any ones physical body. It may lead to sensual distractions. This may also cause him or her to get the negative vibrations of the people and they get deviates.

Swamigal said, ''Please do not worry! But this boy has to perform a parikara. He can serve me through Kanchi Kamakoti Mut forever. Can you accept this parikara?''

The boy felt happy and is parents were mentally free to accept this. They send him to the mut. The boy also studied Vedas, basic education and he served the Guru in many ways. At right time he was asked get into married life and his family dedicated to Guru permanently.

This boy had the great prayed to a Guru like Maha Swamigal in previous birth.

He must have a very deep devotion to a Guru in previous.

He must have prayed that the Guru must direct him and remove the ignorance of materialistic life at very early age.

To undergo this he has the SAL ENERGY to choose parent who is also ready to dedicate their son.

Unless else man's mind cannot get attracted to spiritual life and if we force it will create unwanted issues.

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