Muthusamy Deekshidar's SAL Energy


Muthuswamy Deekshidar [one among Sangeetha trinities] never went and sang in any king's court for wealth. He asked for wealth but directly to the supreme truth through his strong mantras stud songs which increased his SAL ENERGY. He was a great teacher to all caste people and treated them equally.

Once his wife was disturbed mentally by the materialistic life and luxury being enjoyed by other royal artists in Tanjore and Mysore courts. She was very often struck with the gossips of neighborhood and finally she approached her husband  and said that why cannot he meet Sarafoji Maharaja and sing.

Deekshidar understood her situation and he does not talk philosophy but said that one day he would do that.

That day evening he composed a song upon Mahalaxmi as ''Hiranmayeem Laxmim...'' and offered to the deity and slept.

Suddenly at mid night his wife just got up and shouted, ''leave me enough! this is more than enough!''

Deekshidar also got up and asked about her shouting.

She just fell at his feet and says,

''Lord! forgive me.

I have understood the power of your songs.

They are very selfless and stud with most energy generating mantras.

Your song made me she maidens of Mahalaxmi who took me and dressed up and started adorning me with kilograms of gold and gems which I cannot bare!

Lord, I have understood that you can make the king to send what you need through your songs but you never waste your SAL ENERGY.

From today I really agree that we will get what we need to survive through the supreme truth''

From that day she never spoke about wealth to Deekshidar. His krithis are very powerful and stud with mantras of tantric power. So even just by reciting with awareness we can generate a good energy and gain what we need says Guruji.

Thyagaraja and Dharmasamvardhini Devi
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