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Bhavani - the name itself reflects the vibration of the sacred name of Goddess. Bhavani is one of the most celebrated names of Goddess Maha Sakthi. Bhavani means ''one who never fails...''

Maharastra state celebrates Bhavani Devi as the predominant energy as Tulja Bhavani. Veera Shivaji was an ardent devotee of Bhavani Devi.

Bhavani is a small but famous island like township [famous for weaving] in Erode district of Tamil Nadu. The town is 14 Kms from Erode city. It is being titled as ‘’carpet city’’ also. The town is named behalf of the predominant deity - Sellandi Amman - Maha Kali. She has been enshrined at the middle of the town.

The town is being hugged by 2 rivers - Cauvery and Bhavani. The third river Amritha vahini is like Saraswathy River running below the land scape. The merging spot of three rivers is commonly praised as ''Koodu thurai'' - the bank shore where rivers meet. This town is known as ''Thriveni sangam of South India'' [Allahabad of South]

Mahakali Bhavani's temple is dated back to 2 B.C. The temple has been established by early Cheras. Kali worship has been wide spread in Kongu kingdom of west Tamil country in olden days. The deity is named as ''Selvam andi amman'' - செல்வம் அண்டி அம்மன். She is the abode for all wealth. Mandi means plenty. She is being worshipped as 3 in one energy - Durga, Mahalaxmi and Maha Saraswathy.

The idol of Kali is very ancient which refers to ancient most Kotravai [Kali] cult. Kotravai alas Kali is the predominant deity for kings to achieve success, especially for Cheras.

The deity is a best sample for one of the oldest stone iconography of early Tamils. The deity has 8 arms holding fire, drum, bow, arrow, sword, shield, trident and bell. Goddess stamps the demon - Mahishasura - who is the symbolism of human ego.

The stone out of which the deity has been carved is very rare. It is red stone variety naturally looking as if smeared with saffron. Features of the deity cannot be seen clearly.

She is being praised as ''Bhavani bhavana gamyaa'' in Lalitha Sahasranamam. She is the energy of bhaava - imagination.

So Mahakavi Kalidasa, Shivaji, Mahakavi Bharathy, Kamban, Kavi Kalamegam and Shyama Shastri have worshipped the supreme energy as Bhavani.

Veera Shivaji has also visited Bhavani Devi near Madras and offered his prayers to face the battle against Mughals. This place is Periyapalayam near Madras.

Marati families in Tamil Nadu…

Tanjore Marati rulers have installed Bhavani as one of the guardian deity of Rameshwaram Island. It is also obvious to see many Marati families in Erode district who has migrated from Maharastra in early 15th century A.D. The town is actually mentioned as Thirunanaa in Devaram. But today people call only as Bhavani. Marati merchants must have close association with carpet makers and traders in olden days. They must have mentioned the town as ‘’Bhavani’’ with the presiding deity in Maharastra and then the name must have become permanent.

But the carpet town in Erode district itself is being named with a proper noun ''Bhavani''.


Shyama Shastri [16th century A.D], [one among the sangeetha mummoorthigal] says, ''the name Bhavani slays the sins out of ignorance''.

He has rendered the name Bhavani in many of his compositions.

So when we visit Bhavani town also visit this temple along with Sangameshwara temple. Do not forget the town is named with Goddess's powerful name.

Each village, town and city in Bharatha desam has its own legend. It is our duty to know, document and make others to know.

The left side photo depicts Tulja Bhavani blessing Shivaji Maharaj.

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