Brave women after Daakshaayini - Veera Maathy Amman

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Brave women after Dakshayini

We all are aware that there are 51 Sakthi peetams were universal energy as Goddess is being worshiped in various forms and names.

In Rajasthan we have lot of Sathi temples dedicated to brave women who sacrificed their life after their husband's death.

In Tamil Nadu especially in western parts of the state we can come across a name called ''Veera maathy Amman'' or ''Thee paandha Amman''.

One who has bravely killed herself to safe guard the pride and respect of her husband - Veera maaithi

One who shed her body into the holy pier is Thee paaindhi.

Even though these two terms refers to brave warriors' wives, but the root for this brave cult of respect begins from Dakshaayini.

Dakshaayini after being insulted by her own father in the yagna does not want to have any more relation physically - emotionally - intellectually - awareness state with him. She could not hold the ill-treatment and disrespect given to her husband Shiva. So she shed her body into the pier and died. Her body parts were chopped and buried in various parts of India and small memorial toms as shrines were erected for brave worship. These are Sakthi peetams.

Same way we have to connect these Veera maaithi and Thee paindha Devies. These women do not want to get demoralized or disrespected by society and other men. They considered that is a great insult their married life and became Sathi. Those who do not have attachment with the life after their husband’s death take this decision.

The word SATHI also directly refers to a woman who is a beloved and best friend supporter of her partner. This refers first to Dakshaayini.

With this very ancient cult, Tamil Nadu idol making formulae depicted flames around the head or crowns of Devies. These women were respected as Parvathy’s incarnation.

In Chennai just very near to Vadapazhani police station we have a very old Thee paaindha amman shrine. [One who jumped into the pier]

So with this view try to relate the warriors' wives and energy.


Madras, 23.11.2015

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