''Do not abuse your children'' - Kanchi Mahaswamigal

‘’Do no abuse your children’’

Once the couple who were involved in cleaning the Kanchi mut were abusing verbally. This was heard by Maha Swamigal. He called them and said,

''We are very much worried when we do not have children after marriage. For that we do lot of rituals and consider that they are our life's completeness. This is the Vedic family pattern of life.

But we are not enough patience to handle our children in various age levels. We give them good names but call them in most abusive way. Today you both called your daughter as slippers.

Yes even slippers are sacred. Without slipper how can we walk? You know many devotees consider by wooden slipper as sacred. So every object is sacred. But child is very special and they deserve respect and care.

If you abuse your child with negative words, those words have own negative vibrations and they will reflect in their life, which cannot be accepted by us.''

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