Kanchi Aacharya and Kanakadhaara sthuthi

Maha Swamigal and Kanaka dhaara sthuthi 1944 Kanchi Maha Swamigal came from his Kumbakonam tour to Kanchipuram to observe the activities taken for Kamakshi temple renovation. He went inside the temple and observed with silence and came back to Sarva theertha tank and just sat calmly. Everyone in mut was waiting for his words. There came the famous carnatic musician Maharajapram Viswanatha Iyer. He prostrated at his holy feet. Swamigal says, ''In 1392 Hampi king HariHara has smeared the sanctum tower with gold. In 1840 64th aacharya of our mut again smeared with gold. Now what to do? There is no money. Copper sheets covering the vimana tower is just looking bad and it conveys our poverty to the nation and history. He called few gold smiths and asked how much kilogram of gold it will take to smear and came to know that within a week it is not possible to collect. Then all left inside the Kaama koti mut and aacharya gave his regular darshan. Suddenly he asked the musician whether he can sing or recite Shankara's Kanaka dhaara sthuthi and he replied he was not thorough with that. Then aacharya himself slowly started reciting the kanaka dhaara sthuthi and many devotees also joined. After several times of recitation suddenly many women and men removed their gold ornaments and offered at the feet of Swamigal. Swamigal says, ''haa! Jagath Guru's words are still powerful. Please weigh this'' With that gold only he smeared the sanctum vimana with gold in 1944. He proved the effect of Kanaka dhaara sthuthi which increases the energy.
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Padhuka and Mahaswamigal

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