Land of costumes and makeup - Kulasekara Pattinam [Navarathry special]

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Kulasekara Pattinam is an ancient coastal town in south Tamil Nadu near Thiruchendhur.

This town is the abode of Devi Muthaaraman [Barda Kali] with Shiva in name of Gnaana Muktheeswarar.

This town is very famous for the 10 days Dasaraa festival.

On the 10th day evening Devi performs the Mahishaasra vadham and 1000s of devotees take part in this grand occasion.

But what makes this town as a very unique place?

Devotees who pray for personal wishes offer their gratitude to the cosmic energy by changing their physical appearance into various forms from a monkey, bear, leaders, politicians, beggars, all Gods and Goddess forms with perfect makeup - costume.

Very deep understanding of vedic lesson has been observed in this town from past centuries.

The make-up and costume of a particular character makes the devotee to connect his awareness to that character in reality and feels his self and that real character are same and by which he realizes the ''oneness of all'' which is advaitha.

Especially by having make up like national leaders they shift to the awareness of selfless service and by having the costume make up of Devathas they still reach the higher state of awareness and offer the prayers.

One of my auto waala friend in Madras from Kulasekara pattinam says, ''It is very auspicious to make up as Mahaa Kali. KKali is the highest state of awareness and energy. A devotee must undergo 41 or 48 days firm viratham for Kali make up. When a devotee wears that immediately till he or she removes they will be in the state of trans and awareness and bless people. My brother takes Kali make up every year.''

Ancient Tamil epic Silapathikaaram describes various make up forms used in various classical and folk dances. Even while performing rituals to a deity the priest and the devotees have took the make-up and costume.

When Durga is being celebrated by hunters in midst of forest they decorated a girl with perfect costume and make up which made her to Trans to the awareness of Durga [Vettuwa vari - Silapathikaaram]

It is easy to understand in Uni5 way that Maha Kali is the eternal energy and when we wish to realize and self-experience that we must transform from many negative and unwanted qualities by viratham. The costume has its own impact physically and our Vedic tradition gives much importance to decoration, make up, costumes, jewels in temples.

If you want to see this festival we can depend on You tube videos and a Tamil film called ''Kannaathaal'' in which the introduction song shows the festival.

In our nation every action has a meaning. It various but aims the same. It is to know the TRUTH within us.

Kulasekara pattinam established by later Pandiya Kulasekaran is one among such place to make a man to self-experience the TRUTH. 

In this 2015 Navarathry we offer our humble prayers to Devi Muthaaramman and Gnaana Muktheeswarar for everyone.

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Madras, 17.10.2015

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