Mahakavi Kalidasa and Ujain Mahakali

Idiotic nature to poetic skill

When few wise men saw this charming youth wood cutter sitting upon a tree branch and cutting the same branch, they first laughed at him.

They warned him and it took a long time for them to understand his stupidity and they realized that he was an idiot by birth.

His SAL ENERGY in previous birth banking has been deposited in his charming look but zero with 6th common sense.

Our ancestors did not brand him but felt empathy for this youth. 

They saw his positive side that as a man he wanted to earn for his family.

One among the wise men team spoke to him.

As usual he has been abused verbally and sometimes physically for his idiotic nature by his own parents and friends. 

Tutors of his village refused to give him early education.

He just grew with nature.

One among the wise man made him to realize the reality of life and directed him for some practice of basic life skill lessons.

Along with that he also gave him the very strong initiation of spiritual awareness by making him to chant the moola beeja mantras of universal energy - Mahakali.

The wise men team directed him to visit the nearby Mahakali shrine and do few simple tantric rituals.

They advised him to chant the moola beeja mantras for infinite times. The handsome man also took that into awareness and started his energy buildup exercises.

When the proper energy level was achieved, he had the eternal self-realization of the cosmic truth within him as Mahakali and had the inner and outer vision of Mahakali also.

Immediately his package of intelligence and creativity got opened through the key of awareness and started reciting Sanskrith verses upon Mahakali.

Yes, he is Mahakavi Kalidasa [4 B.C] and she is Ujain Mahakalai 

The Sanskrith verses recited is Shyamala Dhandakam.

Anyone can get transformed into a wise man based on the Sal energy and energy based rituals with awareness.

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