No one can change others mind - Kanchi Mahaswamigal

    He is a sincere devotee of Kanchi Mahaswamigal.

    He was once in tears before Mahaswamigal at SreeMut in Mokshapuri Kanchipuram.

    Sathguru just kept silence and stared at him

    ‘‘Why you are in tears?''

    ''Swamy I could not focus in prayers. My lips are chanting, hands are offering poojas, bt mind is wandering''

    ‘‘What can I do for that?''

    ''You are my Guru, you must tame my mind!''

    Swamigal laughed and says, ''You are ignorant! How can I tame your mind?''

    ''A guru can do it, I trust in that, so I am here before you''

    ''What you have at pooja room?''

    ''I have Devi's idol, Srichakram and photos given by you''

    ''This shows more of your ignorance''

    The devotee was dejected and started weeping

    Swamigal continued, ''You have an idol, yantra and photo, but you do not have the bhava of having Devi near you in all these forms. When you initiate the bhava it will make you to get connected with the universal truth and your mind will be tuned. Based on this energy pattern our Vedas has framed all these rituals through physical materials like idols etc. When you does not have that bhava of seeing the universal energy as your beloved Devi near you, that ignorance has made you to travel from Bangalore to Kanchipuram to see me...''

    Mahaswamigal made this devotee to realize his mistake.

    Courtesy – Sree.Ganeshsarmaji

    Let us do every thing with awareness - Kanchi Maha...
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