Poor widow's feeble cons are God's gift - Christmas message

One day Christ saw a widow poor lady offering her few money at the Jew temple. He also saw many rich people offering good amount to the temple and said that the lady's amount are great and most respected. Rich people have much money and offer less. Whereas the poor have less money and out of that they offer to God. This is the same till today in all temples. In olden days [30 year back] our parents, elders used to tie up a 25 paise or 1 Rupee coin. In those days 1 rupee is great which is being used for God's service from less salary - feeble money. But today also most of us continue the same in temples. This also irritates the priests. I have seen people putting 50 paise even today, but they spend Rs.10 per cegerate. The money offered in worshiping spots are the symbol of our SAL energy. Today a man can offer Rs.5 or even 10. Let us think....

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