Axiomatic Self Awareness

Axiom is a Self evident Truth, that requires no proof. The only axiom is your own Self. You dont need a proof for yourself. We never doubt whether we exist.

We dont go to a doctor to know whether we are alive. It is Self evident.

But we go a doctor to know what type or cause of a health  problem we have,  because problem is evident and not the type or cause of it. Plus we also expect a treatment for it.

We dont go to a teacher to know to whether you have a life to live. It is Self Evident.

But we go to a teacher to know the type and cause of our life problems and also a treatment solution for it.

But if still you are looking for a Truth, it is because you are searching for your Self. It is like trying to find some one or something which we are not ourself clear. A simple logic to solve this problem is firstly to know what we are not searching for. This means you should know what you are and what you are not.

 Is the Self your changing body, changing mind, changing intelligence?.  Is there an unchanging real Self? has it anything to do with Science, neuro-science, psychology, God, religion, etc?

  May be you are looking for a proof for the validaity of the above statements. Click here to know that one thing in this universe alone does not a proof.


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