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Behaviour News 2018

Dec 2018

Emotional Suppression Has Negative Outcomes on Children

Importance of Good Sleep Routines for Children

How You Respond to Drama Depends on If You Are a Holistic or Analytical Thinker

Nov 2018

Singing may reduce stress, improve motor function for people with Parkinson's disease

How childhood stress contributes to anxiety, depression

Disrupted circadian rhythms may drive anxiety and exacerbate brain disorders

Happy childhood memories linked to better health later in life

Studies highlight lasting effects of early life stress on the genome, gut, and brain

Mental Health Diagnoses Among US Children, Youth Continue to Rise at Alarming Rate

Oct 2018

When it comes to respiratory effects of wood smoke, sex matters  They then later discovered that the men exposed to wood smoke had significantly higher markers of an inflammatory response in cells that line the nasal passages relative to men exposed to filtered air. By contrast, for women, the wood smoke exposure appeared to lower markers of the inflammatory response.

Philosophy of mind: In touch with reality?

Strong Indian monsoons steer Atlantic hurricanes towards land, study finds (We are all conencted in all five levels)

Individual stress susceptibility and glucose metabolism are linked to brain function

Stress can impair memory, reduce brain size in middle age

Selfish people have fewer children and earn less money

How sleep deprivation hinders memory

Sep 2018

Is student debt keeping Americans away from marriage?

Media violence, impulsivity and family conflict tied to aggressive behaviors in teenagers

The Dark Core of Personality

Even mild physical activity immediately improves memory function

It's not just for kids -- even adults appear to benefit from a regular bedtime

Change your diet to save both water and your health

Instilling persistence in children

Aug 2018

Goats prefer happy people

Injection wells can induce earthquakes miles away from the well

Heritability explains fast-learning chicks

Tree swallow study: Stressful events have long-term health impacts

Vulnerable youth stress the importance of influential adults in their school lives

Orphaned elephants have a tougher social life

Depressed patients see quality of life improve with nerve stimulation (Do yoga than using the machine which has reported medical problems)

Core thinking error underlies belief in creationism, conspiracy theories

How people use, and lose, preexisting biases to make decisions

EU households waste over 17 billion kg of fresh fruit and vegetables a year

The value of pride

Study: Older people less apt to recognize they've made a mistake

July 2018

Just 10 minutes of social interaction a day improves wellbeing in dementia care

iscuss religion, spirituality when treating young adults with severe mental illness

Antioxidant Benefits of Sleep

Cell Phone Radiation May Harm Memory: Study

Parental Controls Do Not Stop Teens from Seeing Pornography

We May Have Less Control Over Our Thoughts Than Previously Assumed

May 2018

The secret to honing kids' language and literacy

How Sleep Helps Us Solve Problems

Childhood Communication Enhances Brain Development, Protecting Against Harmful Behaviors

Lonely and Non-Empathetic People More Likely to Make Unethical Shopping Decisions

April 2018

U.S. Autism Rate Up 15 Percent Over Two-Year Period

School-Based Yoga Can Help Children Better Manage Stress and Anxiety

March 2018

Can pursuing happiness make you unhappy?

Feb  2018

For girls who mature early, psychological problems last into adulthood


Jan  2018

Screen-addicted teens are unhappy


Survey results show Christians becoming less concerned about the environment   Survey results show Christians becoming less concerned about the environment. Scientist Konisky said there is a historical divide in how Christians view their relationship to the planet: "Some believe in the importance of stewardship and practice an ethic of 'creation care,' while others believe in human dominion over the Earth, a belief that undermines any obligation to protect the environment." He added Christians, compared to atheists, agnostics and individuals who do not affiliate with a religion, are less likely to prioritize environmental protection over economic growth,

This is not only about Christianity, but all religions like Islam and Judaism , who  believe that all living beings are for human beings to enjoy life. In Sanathana Dharma, we consider all creation has the same right and no one is superior or inferior. Bharathians were ridiculed as nature worshipers.....because westerners looked from their view of worshiping based on fear of God and did not understand that our worship is "Abaya"- no fear but protection. These religions when spread to country like India in the past 100 years all over the globe, destroyed the planet which was kept safe for 1000's of years by Sanathana Dharma. We respect and embrace Christianity, Islam and Judaism for their Teachers wonderful message of love and God faith, which alone is not enough. These  followers of these religions now have to change (Adapt) to embrace every being and take the greatest message of Sanathana Dharma that the creator, creation and created all is one and the same God and God's Energy. If this is not taught in education, our future generation will further damage on the environment and will make the planet uninhabitable.
Source: January 23, 2018, Indiana University

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