The Story


Beginning of the Journey
The Matrix World
The Real World
Neo's Training
Meeting The Oracle
Self Realization

Matrix Reloaded

Zion City
The Merovingian
The Architect

Matrix Revolutions

The Trainman
Journey To The source
The Final Battle
A New Creation

After word
About The Author

The Book is for a wide range of readers

This is a fascinating book for 

  1. Common man to understand the mystery of life. To live  a life without stress and struggle.  We  would have wondered what this world would be without our birth?click here to know more about avoiding stress>>
  2. spiritual aspirants who seek to unravel the mystery of the mystical experiences.  This book is a wonderful means to understand the all time mysteries of mankind: creation of universe, God, soul and purpose of life. Click here to read more >>
  3. Matrix fans understand the marvelous hidden meaning of the Matrix movies, Matrix , Matrix reloaded & Revolutions.

MATRIX FANS Click here to

  1. For scientists, this book provides a useful insight into the role of Consciousness as the primary force in the creation and evolution of this universe and purpose behind life. For scientists consciousness is still a mystery and  this book is  a wonderful platform to understand consciousness and know the difference between consciousness and awareness. This book will  also help to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Please Click here to read more >>
  2. For those who are interested to see unity in all religions, philosophies,  spiritual and cultural traditions. 

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  1. For students of philosophy , mythological,  spiritual , religious and cinema  studies to develop interpreting skills.

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Are you like Neo looking for an answer about the Matrix, the reality of this universe and the purpose of life?


Then this is the book for you to quench your thirst. This is a feast for Matrix fans. Enjoy the movies to the fullest by understanding the symbolism of the three movies (Matrix, Matrix decoded and Matrix Revolutions). 


                This Book is written in the same sequence of the three Matrix movies and almost every important scene is commented. This helps the reader to connect to the movie and at the same time enjoy the symbolism and hidden meanings in the movies. Don’t miss reading this book and enjoy watching the Matrix movies again.




Unearth the symbolisms used in the Matrix Trilogy


The symbolisms discussed in the book are


  • The black cat appearing twice in the movies.
  • The glitch in the Matrix.
  • The use of phone-line to get in and out of Matrix , but cell phone inside Matrix.
  • Sentinels that attack the ship and Zion.
  • Using of EMP to control them.
  • Facts about the kiss of Trinity and the kiss of Persephone.
  • Unearth hidden secrets of the blue pill and red pill.
  • Oracle baking cookies and making candy.
  • About Seraph.
  • Cypher the image translator.
  • Merovingian and his twin bodyguards.
  • The Keymaker.
  • The Architect and his description of Neo as the unbalanced equation
  • The Indian girl Sati and her parents.
  • The Trainman.
  • Even more interesting is Neo going to the Source.
  • The war with the sentinels and finding peace after the final battle with Smith.


Don’t miss the symbolism of Sati creating the Sun and ending of the movie.
Discover all these and more.

Book Book ISBN - 0975258605

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