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USA and Global  Rate - US $ 9.99  

For mailing in USA, we will mail through  media mail which would take 5 days and in India 5 days. Global shipping will take upto 10 days.

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Sakthi Foundation
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Sakthi Foundation
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Tamil Nadu, India

We prefer only payment in US dollars ($ 9.99) to make shipment faster.

Are you like Neo looking for an answer about the Matrix, the reality of this universe and the purpose of life?

Then this is the book for you to quench your thirst. This is a feast for Matrix fans. Enjoy the movies to the fullest by understanding the symbolism of the three movies (Matrix, Matrix decoded and Matrix Revolutions).

                This Book is written in the same sequence of the three Matrix movies and almost every important scene is commented. This helps the reader to connect to the movie and at the same time enjoy the symbolism and hidden meanings in the movies. 
Don’t miss reading this book and enjoy watching the Matrix movies again (click for the forum discussion about the movie and book).

Book Award 2004 at

Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival

Please click here for more articles on Matrix Books.12-bookcover

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