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A Book on Diet and Cancer in Tamil


 This book on diet and cancer was first published in 1997 in India to educate the public about the importance of food in prevention of cancer. The book "Putrunoyyum Unvaum" is a treatise for layman.

     The authors have explained the subject in a very simple language for the common man to understand the importance of eating healthy food.

 The vital contents of the book are as follows

1. What is cancer and how does it arise?

2. Foods that prevent cancer

3. Foods to eat during cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation and alternative treatments.

4. Cancer preventing Recipes

Book cover by Dr.Deepak Saini, illustrations by Dr.Premkumar, Dr.M.Madeswaran.

 The book is available for

$10 (includes shipping and handling in USA and Global)

Please mail checks  to 

Official address  (please send all information except checks).

Sakthi Foundation
14292 Harmony Meadow ct, Chesterfield MO 63017 USA.

The book is also available in India

Rs 200 (includes shipping and handling in India)

Send demand Draft or Money order  (Rs.200) to

Sakthi Foundation
113 Weavers Colony

Tamil Nadu, India

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