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Many cancer patients who have been given up "to meet death in few months" by modern medicine, have remarkably healed through "Pancha Bhoota healing". This healing is simple but complete and restores total health. This healing is so natural that many tend to disbelief its efficacy. Hope reading this material you can understand how logical this approach is.


We are always involved in performing actions, some of them we are successful in performing and other not. Some time in life we would think that we cant do a certain task. But later in a rare moment you forget that negative thought and you attempt to do and become successful. So we have to understand the failure to do something is because of the pre-conceived notion that the task is impossible. The same is with cancer or any other health problem. We think that cancer is incurable, because we see so many dying without a cure. But also remember that there a few who are able to get cured by medical treatments and very rarely are able to heal themselves which the medical science has no explanation. Why are there rare instances or people who heal them of cancer? How are they able to heal themselves of such life threatening illness?

Lessons from the pets

             We like to explain you this through some lessons from the animals. Hope most of you would have the experience of having pet dogs. When you get a puppy, you would chain it with a small chain that would suit its size. It tries to pull the chain to break it. When it grows stronger its gets enough strength to break the chain. Next you change the chain to a bigger size and the dog breaks it. Finally when it grows to its maximum strength you put a really thick chain so that it would not break. However it would continue throughout it s life attempting to break the chain.

Interestingly this is not the case when the elephants are grown. If chains of the elephants were to be changed according to its growing size and ChainedElephantstrength, then when it grows to its maximum size, then mahout (elephant care takers) would not have the strength to lift the chain to tie the elephant. Understanding this, the mahout ties the baby elephant with the heaviest chain, which the mahout could handle. Though the size of chain is too big for the baby elephant for it age, the baby elephant attempts to break the thick chain for years and finally gets the notion that the chain can never be broken. Later when it becomes an adult and though has the strength of breaking its chain as it can break its hair, the elephant never attempts for such an effort. Its will power has been destroyed so that the mahout  can handle the elephants. The elephant lives its life not knowing about its strength. Its whole strength is not known because it's a slave to its notion.
Elephants and chains
Very rarely an elephant when it becomes aggressive tries to run away and in that struggle it breaks the chain and sets itself free. It forgets about the chain and fails to understand that the chain is insignificant compared to its mighty-strength. Once the elephant is caught and again chained it does not realize that it can break the chain and set free itself. It tends to doubt its won action and its power. Some rare elephant may get the insight that it can break the chain. When it's successful, the elephant caretakers understand that the elephant has understood its own strength and so they immediately kill the elephant because they can no longer control the elephant.

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