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Why Cancer?

Understand the root cause

As told earlier, we  understand that any disease is an alarm to give attention to the body. Knowing the root cause of the disease one can completely overcome it. Scientific research has proved many causative factors of this disease, like tobacco, alcohol, pollutants and carcinogenic chemicals in the environment and food, nutritional factors and the life style. In the constant stressful life, we forget about our mind and body, untill  a point of time where the body can no longer bear the stress and should be taken care.

Mind and body

Ancient healers and doctors have understood this Mind-body relation and have laid instructions for leading a healthy life. A simple ancient story emphasizes the mind and the body connection.

Lame and the blind

LameBlindOnce in a village there was a lame man. He had a wish to see a far of Holy Land but could not walk because his legs were paralyzed. In the same village there was a blind man who also had the same wish to go to the far off Holy Land. He could not go because he cannot see the way. The lame man once told the blind man if he could carry him on the back both of them could go to the Holy Land. The blind man agreed and so he carried the lame man on the back. The lame man could tell the way while the blind man carried him. Thus when they both had a purpose both worked together successfully. This is how the mind and our body work. They work in communication. Both need the attention of each other. If both can't interact both cannot function. If the body is ill, the mind cannot be peaceful. If you have illness your mind cannot be at peace. Similarly if the mind is sick the body cannot be functional. Both of them have to go hand in hand. The un-connectedness of the two is the cause for all problems.

This approach is so simple

This approach is so simple to you and you will doubt its efficacy. The irony of any medical system is that, always patients feel that a medication will work only if it is too complex to understand. We help Cancer patients to treat the disease by understanding the root cause of the disease. Any treatment aimed at relieving the symptom without treating or eliminating the root cause is a failure. Treating just the symptom will control the disease for a time being and cannot prevent a second attack. It's like cutting the stem without removing the root of a weed in our garden. If we do not pull out the roots of the weed, definitely the weed will grow again. This is why modern medicine fails. Treatment of any disease should not be at the superficial level, but at the root level and be free from the fear of a second attack.

We will give more attention initially to mobilize the power of the Mind and the body to heal cancer. Along with it we will guide you to take the right diet, exercise and other steps needed

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