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Culture means to preserve the most valuable aspect of our life. For a human being, the Mind is the most valuable, because without the mind, man cannot enjoy any pleasures in life. The word "Man" comes from the Indo-European root word "Mana" for mind. 

Life is the most valuable oppurtunity we have got through billions of years in the most conducive planet with the right temperature, water, oxygen, soils condition etc. But with all these prosperity, if we dont have a proper mind we cannot enjoy any of these wealth. It is the mind that creates welath and prosperity and also the very same mind is needed to enjoy the wealth and prosperity.

culture milk webWhat is Culture and why should we follow culture? Culture is to preserve the mind set to enjoy the wealth of life. Mind is symbolized to water or liquid by its nature of flowing and occupying the shape of the container it occupies.  Mother's first nourishment to the baby is through milk, the symbolism of her mind.

  Cow's milk value can be preserved by culturing it to yogurt or cheese, instead of letting it go spoiled. That which protects the value of milk is a culture. Similarly that which protects the value of our mind, which is so valuable to keep us happy, is culture. We should first learn the art of preserving our mind from unhealthy thoughts before we interact with the external world.  Therefore connecting children to culture (CCC) is the most vital part of childhood.

The Mission of CCC is to help children understand the value of the cultural heritage through which they can improve the quality of their life. With the assistance of parents, children can understand the values of culture and the reasoning behind having a cultural heritage.

This is not based on any religious belief system but a spiritual understanding of questioning a Self-Discovery path. This CCC holds good for all religious background throughout the globe. Emphasis is given on imparting the "Value" of knowledge. This means how this knowledge help in improving the quality of life (happy life).



Everything is taught in a logical and at heart level (Awareness). So children and adults do not see a conflict of spiritual and scientific knowledge. Very good example is the Evolution theory, creation theory etc all make sense when seen from the internal point of view. This internal evolution only gives Peace to the individual and to the society. This is the mission of CCC.

Evolution - External and Internal

High light of the class is to make children and adult to think about their beliefs  and how it impacts themselves and those around them. We help children to understand along with culture, that the views (Truth) of every one are different, without  missing the Universal Truth.

In the CCC classes we make children understand  the concept of Gods and Goddesses as symbolic of Cosmic Laws. These symbolic laws if reflected in our actions,  makes our lives happy.

We also link to the symbolic and Truth in all religions too in our CCC classes. We also have CAC programs for Adults and COC for corporates.

      There is no person or a being that controls everything, but the Energy is self endowed with the potential to create, maintain and disperse. There is nothing to fear in life,  except the unpleasant effects of actions. Every action has an effect, which are destined by the very same Energy Principles. So life is nothing but choices of doing actions, which give desired results and avoid undesirable actions. The ultimate purpose of life is experiencing happiness, right now, while living and not after death.

The purpose of Culture and the rituals is to given happiness to the individual and also help in internal evolution.

 Five Uni5 Principles

1. Thumb - The Purpose of life is to be happy.

2. Index -  "As is the Macro-Universe (our outer) so is the Micro-Universe (our inner)".

3. Middle - The Universal Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but transform from one form to another.

4. Ring - Transformation (evolution) of the mind to higher level of views  is inevitable for happy life.

5. Little -Every action has an effect and so choose actions that bring Eternal happiness.


1. Happiness is lost when our thoughts are not in tune with the Universal Cosmic Laws that create, manifest and transform Energy.

2. This Cosmic Energy is Holographically manifested as the Universal Cosmic laws of Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. 

3. No "body" dies but only changes form, because Energy cannever be destroyed but only transformed.

4. The Cosmic Energy evolves towards its own source of Un-Conditional Happiness or Consciousness. This Evolution towards Eternal Happiness (Ananda) is the purpose of Life.

5. All the Cosmic Energy phenomenon shows a cause and effect pattern, along with a Time (Energy) factor in between. This means that some effects are seen immediately along with the action, while there is a time delay in showing other results.

Important News: We have the Uni5 School, where children will learn physics, chemistry, Biology, maths, Geogrpahy, History, Civics, economics , Arts and all other subjects with an integrated view connecting to themselves. This integrated view will help children grow with higher Awareness of life. 

The mission of the school would be to give a Uni5 pattern for children to find out the mystery of life through their education. Education will become fun when they understand their connection with all that they learn. This Self Connection to everythign we call as Spirituality. 

 We would like to get your support to make this dream a reality. Please write to  us about your interest in supporting this Uni5 school of education. 

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