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We are pleased to announce the beginning of this new cultural/education program initiated first at Sri Devi Mandir, Fairfield, Iowa, USA on 26th September , 2010.

 In October CCC classes were started in Tamil Nadu. Children and parents loved the program and is rapidly spreading in many places.

 CCC gave birth to CAC : With the quality and usefulness of the knowledge, parents (Adults) wanted a similar program to improve their quality of life both in professional and in family life. With this program even couples who were at the verge of divorce, understand where their problem lies and how to rectify it were made possible. CAC is also done in a few companies to improve the professional quality of life.


 1. Fairfield Iowa at   Sri Devi Mandir, Vedic Temple, Fairfield.


 Tamil Nadu


                 1. Sai Nandan Flats Gandhinagar, AlwarThirunagar - All sundays 4-5 PM- Instructors Dr. M.Madeswaran, Mrs.KavithaArulbalaji.
                 2.  Vadanemeli, Kanchipuram Dt All saturdays 9 to 10 AM - Instructor Mr.Sreedar

                 3. AshokNagar CCC2  (ABN Company)- Organized by - Mr.Arulbalaji - Ms.KavithaArulbalaji - Dr.M.Madeswaran

                 4. Virugambakkam - CAC (DEcoding Periya Puranam)  all satudays 3-4 PM,  Ms.KavithaArulbalaji - Dr.M.Madeswaran


                 1. Weavers Colony - organized by Mr.Ganesan , Ms.JeyanthiGanesan, Ms.KavithaNatarajan
                2. Kamakshipuram CCC (5.30 to 6.30 ALL fridays) and CAC (6.30 to 7.30 PM) organized by Mr.Murugaesan - Ms.KalaMurugaesan, Ms.KavithaNatarajan

               3. Ramalinga Nagar Park Auditorium, Ramalinga Nagar , KK Pudur, Coimbatore,   Near Saibaba Colony - (CCC - All saturday 5-6 PM)-                                  

                 4. Decoding Peria Puranam (CAC - All saturday 3.30-5 PM)-  Dr.M.Madeswaran - 0x

                 5. Theethipalayalm (CAC)- organized by Mr.Ganeshkumar and Dr.M.Madeswaran

                 6. Tirupur (CAC)- organized by Mr.Ganesh and Dr.M.Madeswaran


 1. Mysore CAC -  Organized by Mr.Saravanan -Ms.RevathySaravanan

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