Every week the children or adults will meet at a  public place (convenient for all) for one hour class. It will be a wonderful learning experience for both parents and their children to serve as teachers/leaders for the classes. Parents may even learn something new by teaching, and the children will learn valuable communication and organizing skills and artistic qualities. By sharing these responsibilities everyone learns social obligations.  Some centers do at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Only condition is to maintain punctuality.

We use Sanathana Dharma (Eternal Truth) tradition of Bharat India for CCC not on religious basis but on enquiring Spiritual way.

Every week, there will be a theme. It can be a devata, a rishi or a scripture. For example, for the first week will be about Ganesha. The class will start with coloring a picture and learning the symbolism in the first 15 minutes. This will be followed by learning a short sloka for 10 minutes, a short story for 10 minutes and then a quiz about what was taught during the class. The class will also include a discussion
about the topic and questions and answers about how a particular deity is present in us and how we can improve that quality in us.

Emphasis is given to understand that the Gods and Godesses in Indian Tradition are symbolic of Cosmic Laws. These laws are if abided makes our lives happy. There is not a person or a being that controls everything, but in every atom in self endowed with the potential to create, maintian and disperse. There is nothing to fear except the unpleasant effects of actions. Every action has a effect. Life is nothing but choices of doing actions which gives desired results and avoid undesireable actions. The ultimate purpose os happiness in life, right now while living and not after death.


Each week will be different and will change according to the children and parent's suggestions. Families are welcome to being their own creative ideas and incorporate crafts into the lessons such as clay modeling, painting, greeting cards, and more.

Children also can be taught various slokas ranging from daily prayers, concluding prayers, stotrams, ashtakams, aarthi. Monica can lead bhajans praising various deities. Prayers and slokas are taught as positive "assertions for the mind to  develop inner strength. 

Students will learn about the significance of each Indian festival with stories and their relevance to our daily lives. In addition to the annual Deepavali play, the children will learn short skits and dances throughout the year.

We strongly suggest to start this CCC class for your children and also in your community wherever you are. We will help you with our teaching manual. Please contact pradheepkumar (at)  hotmail (dot) com


CCC Class -2010

October 31st 2010:  Having discussed the reason about celebrating Deepavali in the previous week, this week, children were taught rituals that we do on the day of  Deepavali.

Early morning on Deepavali day, we apply oil (sesame oil ) before sunrise and take bath. The reason is that oil helps in absorbing sunlight and promote Vitamin D synthesis which gives bone health and prevent many diseases including cancer. Only on the day of  Deepavali, we apply oil before sunrise, because on that day we can absorb special cosmic rays that is good for our health.

Therefore the night  before Deepavali we keep sesame oil in prayer room and worship Lord Dhanwanthri to give us good health. We also pray Lord Yama to give us a complete and a fulfilled life.

October 25th 2010:  Today CCC class is about Deepavali. All forms in this Universe is fundamentally made up of Light. Modern physics uses this fact in all technologies. To self realize that everything is only Light, in the form of happiness, we celebrate that as Deepavali. Deepavali means "Display of Light or to unfold Light". (Row of light is not the correct translation).  All beings display or unfold the same Light. We bring into our Awareness that all beings are only fundamentally light and we can experience that light as happiness through the five senses. We experience that joy through the sense of sight by lighting crackers and the sense of hearing  by the sound of blasting crackers. We enjoy the sense of  taste by eating sweets and the sense of smell  from the aroma of food and the sense of touch by wearing new dress. So we greet everyone "Ananda Deepavali".

October 17th 2010:  

Today we had the CCC class celebrating Vijaya Dasami, the success of our life. We reiterated the information that we will have success only when we overcome Tamas (laziness) by being invoking inspiring Energy  (Durga) and be aware of duties as a family member, a community member, a  citizen and finally a Human being. This will bring forth unconditional love (Lakshmi) and Knowledge (Saraswathi). One baby had the rice feeding or first solid eating ceremony giving all five taste of Sweet, Salt, Bitter/astringent, Sour and Spice.  A two year old child had the first writing ceremony on Rice and Aum written with a golden ring dipped in Honey. All the children chanted Saraswathy slokas.

October 9th 2010:  Today we had a discussion with children about Navarathri. We showed them "Golu" and discussed why we celebrate Navarathri.  Children were asked what is the most important action one has to perform. We helped them to answer it as "Duties". Your parents if fail to perform their duty then whole family is in trouble. Same way your duty is to study well and grow with good qualities. But we dont have the driving-energy to do it. We have our own excuses for it. That driving energy is Durga. That is why first three days we invoke the driving energy Durga in Navarathri.

Next when we do our duty we should have the joy of doing that. When we do our actions with joy, then the result is beautiful. That is Lakshmi, so we invoke that lakshmi for the next 3 days.

If our actions are oriented more than our self , then more people are benefitted. This big thinking is Saraswathi. A bulb  lit on the floor, gives light to a smaller area of floor. If it is kept higher on a table , then more area gets the light. If the same bulb is on a wall ceiling then the whole room gets light. Same way, if our actions should be done with the view of benefitting not only us but also many others.

So if we do our duties (Durga)  with full of joy (Lakshmi)  to our self, family, friend's circle and to the world (Saraswathi), all the 3 will help us to kill hte Self-centered Mahisha in us. This is the victory we celebrate as Vijaya Dasami.

 October 3rd 2010: 26th Today was also the Ganesha Theme. children were asked to color specific parts of Ganesha know what it means. For learning, , first we need to listen well, symbolized by huge ears of Ganesha. Next we have to pay attention or focus on the work we do, shown by small eyes and also talk less shown by small mouth. At the same time we should be very versatile in doing things, like the proboscis, or trunk of Ganesha (fusion of the nose and upper lip). An elephant can pick up a huge log of wood or even one single blade of grass. We have to think big like the big head of Ganesha.

The children learn the next mantra, of touching the ground before getting out of bed. We ask for pardon of mother earth. We should step only on Earth and not on anything else.

Samudhra vasane Devi, 
Parvatha sthana mandithe,
Vishnu pathni namasthubhyam 
Paada sparsam kshamasva Mae

Salutations to you consort of Lord Vishnu,
Who is clothed by oceans (71% is ocean)
And is adorned prettily by the mountains (29% land),
Pardon me mother, for setting my foot on you.

Foot symbolize Ego.  We dont touch the feet of elders while prostrating at their feet (Namaskaaram). We should only bow down to the great personality of the person. We look at their feet with an understanding that we will follow their principle in our life. 

Stepping or leaping over things means  touching them with our "Ego". We should treat all "things" as the manifestation of the divine.  We  have no choice but to step on Mother Earth and so we ask for pardon. 

September 201026th September 2010 was the first CCC class. We learned the Waking up prayer . "Karaagre Vasate Lakshmeeh" The children were asked, what they do as soon as they get up. They said "brush teeth and take shower". "What organ was used mostly?". They said "Hands". Therefore hands are the important organ of Karma and looking at the hands every morning and chanting the prayer means to  focus on doing  every action with beauty (lakshmi), with the understanding logic of doing  it (Saraswathi) and with the Awareness of the "Self" (Govindah). The children were asked why it is called prabhate (morning prayer). Prabha means light and sun light comes first in morning.

The children also coloring of Ganesha's huge earunderstanding that we need to listen to good things and pay attention in class to grow wise like Ganesha's big head.  Not the whole picture was asked to color, but only the ear organ and so focus of each organ of Ganesha and connecting to our own attributes of Ganesha to us.  

Earlier class we studied about why we insist children to use  of right hand to recieve or give things.


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