Son's of Brahma

(Please read  body mind intellect  given in the previous sections to understand concept of Trinity Gods like Brahma).

Manu: Brahma's first son is "Manu", which means the mind (manas) and from it derives the root word for Manusha (Man in Sanskrit) and also Man in Latin. The Manu-smriti's are code of conduct for Man. Very interestingly , this is edited and revised throughout the history of mankind. However there is the underlying basis of Truth in al Manusmrithis. Rules and regulations at one time need not be applicable to another period of time and also place of living. 

      There are many versions of Manusmrithi. If one does not understand that nature of Mind changes and evolves and adapts and so does laws of society, one finds contradictions in different Manusmrithis. 

Narada: His most popular son is Narada. He is very much respected and is called with Naradji is considered as one of the 12 chiranjivis. ‘Chiranjivi’ means one who lives forever. He is such a wise sage that he is also regarded as the ‘mind’ of God - one who always knows God’s wishes as Naradji. He is such a wise sage that he is also called as Narad Maharishi. (The picture is from

     Narad thought he son of Brahma, always has on his lips and mind, one word "Narayana" or Vishnu. He has a musical instrument "Thamburu".

Narad represents the inquiring mind. Narad always ask questions to everyone. Whomsoever he meets, he inquires. This inquiring mind ends in dispute and quarrels but finally ends up with a happy note. This represents our inner search to higher knowledge. In the beginning there is so much confusion and debates, but finally when the truth dawns there is happiness.

     Narada is the Maanasa-putra (Son of Mind) of Brahma, but keeps spreading the name of Vishnu, the Cosmic intelligence. The inquiring mind seeks only intelligence. Through Inquiry,  we end up in getting closer to the Cosmic intelligence.  It is only by Inquiring (not enquire),  Humans evolve to understand the highest Truth. This becoming one with the Higher Truth or God, is devotion or Bhakthi. No wonder why Narada is praised as the one who spreads devotion.

      Narada Maharishi reveals  us a great Truth, that the fundamental aspect of Human should be devotion to god through inquiry as opposed to blind faith. This is the greatest strength of Vedic tradition and hence we said before that Vedic tradition is Science  and not religion. Narada's Tamburu, the musical instrument  is played as a background music which helps the singer to stay on  beat of the music while singing any Indian classical song. Similarly in all our quest and actions, we should have the remembrance of the Consciousness in our background of our mind. This will help us to be on-beat with the music of life. This life-style is  a life of real devotion or Bhakthi. This help us to overcome from the clutch of Ego.

Daksha, the Son of Brahma, the first Ego thought.


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