Trinity Gods - Shiva -(IV)

Why is Shiva called Bhairava?

In the transcendent state of Awareness, the time of past present and future is destroyed. It is the "Time" that gives the concept of death and birth. Brahman or Pure Consciousness is beyond the concept of Time and hence immortal or Eternal. This is why Shiva is called as Kala Bhairava, the controller of time (mortality).

why is Yama the Lord of Death under his control     It is the Ego, identification with body at the time of death that brings about rebirth. Our attachment like a rope is Ego - Paasha. This is why we are yielding to death, which is the gateway to rebirth.  

Yama  is the god of death. He appears as a fierce looking man to the wicked people mounted on the back of a black buffalo and carries a mace in one hand and a noose in the other hand for catching the victims of death. 

Gate keepers

       In his abode, there are Ganas, the multitude of Attendants who keep repeating Shiva-Mantra. These Ganas represent the multitude of thoughts that are in touch with the Awareness state.

Nandhi the gate keeper and chief attendant represent righteousness actions that brings to the Awareness state. This is why actions of Dharma or right actions helps to transcend to the Awareness state.

Bringi is another attendant of Shiva, who was former demon Andhaka (means blinded). A blinded demon is one who is unaware of Awareness. He represents the transcendent state to the State of Awareness.

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Pushpa-Dantha - Gandarva ......story to show that no creation is of the individual......

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