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Tonsil and adenoid removal associated with respiratory, allergic and infectious disease

June 7, 2018 
University of Melbourne
Removing tonsils and adenoids in childhood increases the long-term risk of respiratory, allergic and infectious diseases, according to researchers who have examined -- for the first time -- the long-term effects of the operations.

Seven in 8 children's tonsillectomies are unnecessary

November 5, 2018
University of Birmingham
A new study has found that seven in every eight children who have their tonsils removed are unlikely to benefit from the operation. 

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Click here to read in Tamil  . Click here to have it is as a brochure  . Boil milk (or water) and add a small quantity of black pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander seed powder. Add honey for sweetness.  Drink 3 to 4 times a day. Dose according to the age.  This is very good in reducing fevers. Make sure the temperature does not shoot more than 101 or 102 F. It is safe to keep under 100.

    Turmeric with honey also is good for fevers. It is better to train the children right from young age with these medications then their body immediately responds to these remedies. If you are starting at a later age, then it will take time for the body to accept these remedies. In the initial period give both these and the allopathic medicines at low dose and over time the child will respond to natural remedies.

   But if the fever persists for a couple of days without any relief it is safe to consult a doctor.

3. Another very potent medicine that children are given to reduce fever and phlegmis Panikoorka or karpooravalli (Coleus aromaticus). Highly antipyretic, used for urinary diseases , decoction of leaves is given for chronic cough and asthma . Yields an essential oil containing carvacrol .

     Panikkoorka is used in the treatment of a variety of diseases affected by virus, bacteria and other microbes. Indigestion, diarrhea, rheumatism, whooping cough, bronchitis, tooth ache, etc are also treated with medicines prepared from the leaves of this plant. It is also an effective antidote for insect bites. It is also used in the treatment of skin disorders, dandruff and different types of allergies.

Cough due to phlegm:

1.Crushing one pearly onion or shallot (Small red-onion) and eating that with honey or palm sugar will help.

2.Make a decoction with Adothoda fresh or dried leaves. It is an medicine used for ages to dissolve any phlegm in the throat or chest. It is a powerful decongestant. Children can be given fresh leaves extract or decoction of dried leaves with honey.

Dry Cough

Crushing one pearly onion or shallot (Small red-onion) and eating that with honey or palm sugar will help. For adults quick relief comes, by just crushing the red-onion in the mouth and allowing the sharp pungent juice to flow through the throat. It immediately relieves cough and mucus in the throat. The quickest way is to to do Kaali Exercise.

    Adults can also oil gargling with sesame oil or coconut oil. This gives quick relief from dry cough.

Chewing dried ginger three times a day will cure dry cough too.

For removing cough and also excess heat in the body:

Soak powder of 15 black pepper+ 2 tea spoonful of crystal sugar in One and half glass of water. Blend them and sip all as first thing in the morning for 10 days. After 10 days add 5 almonds to the blending and drink it for further 10 days.

It really helpes to stop the cough also. Take quarter tea spoon of pepper powder and around 8 crystals of sugar candy ( As too much pepper & sugar might hurt stomach)and also soaked in just 1 glass of water, then drink this water as first thing in the morning.



Honey, Coffee, or Honey plus coffee: A meta-analysis

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Malaria fever

Take a  teaspoon full of organic lime juice with equal quantity of organic white onion juice or garlic, organic 5 papaya black seeds is a medicine for   malaria. Honey can be added for taste. Use this after food two times a day.

Eat few slices of papaya with cumin seeds powder and pepper powder any one time of the day.

Boil few roots of drumstick (slight effect with leaves) with black pepper and one clove of garlic, one piece cinnamon and then when cool add  honey and take one time a day. 

vishnukranthi root juice of the root one table spoon  given daily once is good.

Boerhavia diffusa மூக்குரட்டைக்கொடி liquid extract half to one teaspoonful with fresh leaf juice of tulsi one teaspoonful is given thrice daily is also good.

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A single factor may be a biased view for the cause of a disease.

Several factors contribute to health is the Eternal Truth.

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   Uni5   Eternal  and  Universal 
 Health Style
Five Levels 1 2 3 4 5
Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space













Internal Body Mind Intelligence Awareness Consciousness
External Food Water Heat Air Space

Whole foods


Juice Therapy

Liver Tonic chutneys


Water Therapy

Castor Oil

Gall Nut

Exercise for lymph circulation for health and immunity like YogawalkingSuryanamaskar



Laugh Therapy

Food Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Vitamins Phyto-Nutrients
Food Type Fiber Rich Well chewed food Balanced foods Vegetarian Live fermented foods
Mind- External
Acceptance Yoga


Uni5 Meditation

PB Meditation

Increase SAL Energy
 Mind- Internal Transform Anger to helping nature Cleanse Out meaness with charity Cleanse out Pride with serving attitude Cleanse out Jealousy with compassion
Intelligence     Unbiased outlook - Seek the Unchanging Truth Embracing all beliefs - understand the results of action done under personal beliefs Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget to Give and Get
Awareness       Eco-friendliness - We are all connected in and out. So polluting nature is inturn polluting ourself Conservation of Energy - Avoid wastage of all forms of Energy, because inturn it is our own SAL Energy
Consciousness         Unconditional Love - The only Reality of this Universe

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Maruppathu udal noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give physiological effects)
Maruppathu ula noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give psychological effects)
Maruppathu ini noi varathiruppa ( A medicine is one that ensures prevention of diseases)
Maruppathu savai marundhu enalakum. (A medicine is one that ultimately grants Immortality)
-  Thirumoolar in Thirumanthiram (800 BC)

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