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How to be a successful  Student

 This student resource center (SRC) is  part of our Uni5 and we see the same philosophical pattern of five elements in student's life also.  In other words, students can be classified into five types. 

Body Level: Some students go to colleges just at the body level. This means, just because they dont know what to do after plus two, just to keep themselves engaged, they join some course in a college.

Mind Level: The next level, is that they go to college for the fun of it (mind level). College is fun because they get new freedom to roam around in the college campus with other partner students and have fun and also feel going to college is a status symbol.

Intelligential Level:
 The third level are students who go to college, they want a degree and they put effort in passing all the exams (intelligential level).

Awareness Level: The fourth group are those who are at the awareness level, who study for more than the degree. They have higher Awareness and think not just  passing exams but also preparing a professional life well in advance. 

Consciousness level: Fifth group are rare students, who study with a holistic understanding of the subject along with life and think about creative abilities using the subject knowledge.

There is nothing right and wrong about the level you are currently in. What matters is the result the different levels offer to us. Choice is ours.

TIPS for all students both school and college

1. Don't focus too much on the score (End Result), but on the process of learning. The process of learning develops a skill in you which is what will make you get professional success.  Understand you are doing it for your benefit. 

2. Practice mental imagination of what you learnt which will give creativity and memory.

3. Practice to look at patterns which learning or reading in it.

4. Write all the hints in a book and revise it on the day before your test

5. Emotionally self appreciate your efforts , even though if others dont do it. 

6. See how much you get distracted from finishing the work. If you are getting distracted then start doing any  meditation technique or the simple Uni5 Meditation.

7. Relax well with sports, music , movies, singing, or connecting to God. Sleeping on time is the best method. Smiling when welcoming  and also laughing atleast once a day (atleast read a joke and laugh) are very important.

8. Do not compare yourself with others in their performance.

9.while working do stretching and deep breathing exercises, especially Super brain Yoga.

10. Keep you body and mind healthy with good food and good thought and do frequent cleaning of body and mind as well. 














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